President Trump Works to Provide Much Needed Aid for Veterans!

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By Gabrielle Seunagal

A few days ago, President Trump followed through on yet another one of his plethora of commitments to the nation by signing an executive order to engender a new office devoted to shielding whistleblowers at the Department of Veterans Affairs. The Commander in Chief made it clear that the office would work tirelessly to provide veterans with much needed healthcare. America will no longer disappoint the men and women who have fought tirelessly to protect this country. The President made it very clear that veterans will receive exceptional care and those who report problems at the Veterans Affairs office shall be protected from backlash.


To stress the seriousness of this new order, it was recently announced that any and all VA members/workers who fail to comply with new regulations will be immediately relieved from their posts. For years, the Veterans Affairs office has been plighted with an unfavorable reputation of lacking the necessary tools and procedures to care for veterans who spent years fighting to defend America. In 2014, it was reported that over 1,000 veterans lost their lives as an offshoot of the VA’s incompetence. This reality is unacceptable and America is very fortunate to have a sitting President who will implement policies to correct these flagrant misdeeds.

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Prior problems at the VA intensified so much that lawmakers cited workers in the medical centers and Washington headquarters as indifferent. President Trump’s executive order is the first step to change this situation. VA officials will either have to start caring and acting accordingly or lose their positions. Veterans who risk their life, limbs, and sanity to fight for America deserve to be welcomed back with open arms, not cast aside like yesterday’s trash. During the 2016 Presidential election, Trump slammed the VA as “corrupt” and “the most incompetently run agency in the United States.” He vowed to make a positive difference and released a 10 point action plan for reform.

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  1. Note to our President.
    FIRE some people, probably at least 5 top executives in EACH VA Center, follow with a letter indicating MANY MORE firings will be executed if executives do not execute for their Vets.

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