Military Convoys,Tanks in Sweden+Deploy emergency force Gotland (1st Time!)

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Military convoys & troops arrive & deploy in Gotland-Sweden


Military troops are driving on the E4 north of Stockholm – and in the evening about 100 soldiers arrived on Gotland.

The Armed Forces, however, were silent on the matter.

– We do not want parts of this information to end up in the wrong hands, says Therese Fagerstedt, press secretary at the Armed Forces.

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The Armed Forces can confirm that several military transports are running on Swedish roads. However, they could not say where they were going.

Russia’s Baltic Navy has been expanded from one landing ship to six in the past month, reports Dagens Nyheter.

The Armed Forces has recently increased its preparedness on Gotland due to this.

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At 18.00 on Friday, an emergency force landed on Gotland, states DN. It will be about 100 soldiers from Norrbotten’s regiment I 19.

MORE + PICS–konvojer-pa-vagarna

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