‘Mind control’ warning as smartphone apps will be used to shape world views, say experts

People are being hooked on smartphone apps that can change our personalities and perform “mind control”, experts have told the Daily Star.

Therapists warned “harmless” looking apps could be used to “subtly” shape our world views and pose a bigger threat than fake news on social media.

Mark Vahrmeyer said the risk was “huge” as we become increasingly dependent on our phones which many already see as an “extension of ourselves”.

The co-founder of Brighton and Hove Psychotherapy said: “Getting better sleep or more exercise may seem harmless if that is what an app is doing for us.

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“But it may be that we increasingly hand over control of what we do and what we actually want to apps making us feel more disconnected from ourselves and more and more dependent on this robotic parent.

“And unlike a real parent, apps do not intrinsically have our best interests at heart – this is where the risk of conflicting interests comes into the picture and possibly the risk of some degree of mind control.”



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