The FBI Is Nothing More Than A Democrat Activist Superpac With Legal Authority. And It Must Be Disbanded

by Sundance

Giving the Chinese, Iranian and Russian state police a run for their money… Apparently the Federal Bureau of Investigation, ie. the U.S. version of “State Police” enforcement units, have found a cause they are really committed to: finding every person who attended the Capitol Hill protests on January 6, 2021. [SEE HERE]

In a scene straight out of Orwell’s 1984 warning, the FBI is literally calling their effort the hunt for “America’s Most Wanted.”  To achieve their goal, the FBI has been asking for help from their ideological comrades in the state run media apparatus, and achieving a great deal of success. [SEE HERE]

[Tweet Link] In a new twist to find actionable legal violations for which the activist DOJ can bring charges, the FBI is now seeking help to identify: “individuals who targeted members of the media for assault, threats, destruction of property, and other unlawful conduct.”  Yes, the Biden DOJ is using “Assault on Media” as a criminal charge.

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It is not accidental this same FBI turned a blind eye to terrorist warnings around attacks in San Bernardino, Boston Marathon, Parkland High School, Garland Texas, Fort Hood, Pulse Nightclub, Mandalay Bay Vegas, etc. etc… the list is long.  However, some random folks petitioning congress to air grievances is considered domestic terrorism worthy of thousands of FBI agents and innumerable man hours just to hunt down dissenters.  [Look at the Arrest List]

  • 50 FBI Agents assigned to the Trump Russia collusion investigation…
  • 13 FBI Agents assigned to investigate a NASCAR garage door pull-down rope…
  • And now…
  • Who can even fathom how many FBI agents are assigned to this task…

Suddenly the wall, barbed wire and thousands of military troops surrounding the Capitol and DC takes on a new level of ideological understanding.

We are in a full police state.




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