MIRACLE! Joe Biden was broke in 2017—now he’s RICH—where did those millions come from?

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“When Biden ended his term as vice president in January 2017, he filed another financial disclosure form, listing assets and liabilities worth somewhere between negative $897,000 and positive $489,000”. In other words, they were underwater.

Then a miracle happened. The floodgates opened and money came pouring in. Again from this Forbes 2019 article: “But over the next 23 months, the Bidens earned more than $15 million, according to tax filings.


also see: 5th Biden Family Member Caught in Money Scandal — Ashley Biden Organization Received $166K Federal Grant While Dad was VP

Biden Cash
James Biden’s Firm Got $1.5 Billion in Government Contracts

Joe Biden’s Brother Frank Linked to Projects That Received $54 Million from Obama Administration

Biden Crime Family’s Latest: Valerie Biden, Joe’s Sister, Sent Million$ from Campaign Funds to Her Own Consulting Firm

Attorneys at Custody Hearings: Hunter Biden Helped Defraud Native Americans Out of $60 Million, Also Involved in $150 Million Ukraine Counterfeiting Scheme

Court Filing Accuses Hunter Biden of $156 Million Ukraine Money Laundering Scheme

Bombshell: Hunter Biden NEVER Worked in Ukraine Despite Five Years on Burisma’s Board, While Being Paid $50,000 a Month

The Millions The Bidens Took From Ukraine Pale in Comparison to The $130 Million Rip Off They Pulled on AMERICANS


here is one of the payout sheets


The Bidens Made Nearly Twice As Much In 2017 Than Previous 19 Years Combined
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