The WHO Declares Coronavirus A Global Pandemic, Corona Virus, Chicago, First Us Person To Person

The husband of the woman in Chicago who is in the hospital with Corona Virus, has now been confirmed as having the virus.

I have never posted on this site, but have been a follower for years. But I have some direct intel on this.

The husband had not been quarantined or anything, he was just being “monitored”. My brother in law works with the guy doing concrete construction. Him and his co-workers just found out last night that this guy’s wife was the one who had contracted it, and that he was now positive for it as well. He had not told anyone at work that it was his wife with the virus from Wuhan. This guy had contact and interacted with 50-60 people a day in downtown Chicago at the jobsite. He had been told not to travel, however he did not listen, and traveled to Cleveland thru Ohare. The Husband is a heavy smoker and coughs all day long.

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The cdc reported that the guy had limited contact with people. This upset my brother in law, and he called the news and filled them in with all the information. My sister also called the public health dept. They said someone will be contacting them, they are scrambling around a bit. She said are we supposed to keep the kids home from school or what do we do. They said everyone that was exposed will have to check in with them everyday to make sure they don’t have symptoms, but as long as you don’t have a cough, go about your normal everyday lives.

This is ridiculous that they didn’t have this guy quarantined. They could’ve stopped it right there.


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