MIT Predicts 70% Chance of Recession! Shipping Bellwether Hits All Time RECORD LOW!

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In your opinion, do you think the economy will go into recession while the stock market remains elevated?

The stock market continues to hit record levels. It drops a miniscule amount for a day or two, and jumps back up to new highs. There can’t be any further discussion about whether or not the central banks are aiding this rise, it’s all very clear now. But the question is really, why any of this is justified considering the actual real economy itself is looking terrible. And it’s persistent. We saw true weakness in 2018, it went all the way through 2019, now in 2020 it hasn’t let up. But will there be a moment in which the stock market realizes how terrible it really is? Or will the stock market continue to defy gravity?


Shipping Bellwether Hits All-Time Low – WSJ

Baltic Exchange Dry Index | 1985-2020 Data | 2021-2022 Forecast | Price | Quote

Global shipping has been hit by the coronavirus – CNN





Liabilities and Capital: Liabilities: Deposits With F.R. Banks, Other Than Reserve Balances: U.S. Treasury, General Account: Week Average (WTREGEN) | FRED | St. Louis Fed

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Sven Henrich on Twitter: “”Corporate tax cuts will produce massive new economic growth” Well, we’re waiting.” / Twitter

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Ford’s Lending Arm Is Generating More Profit Than Ever

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