Lol: Trump confirms…based on science or Xi spin? The shifting narrative.

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by Sparky1

Ahhhh…another well-timed Tweet to quell public concerns and pump the markets! ‘Must be true ‘cuz President Xi told him so.  After all, China is now “open for business” so things are definitely improving–just look at the (cooked and under reported) data! Nothing to worry about, “…as the weather starts to warm & the virus hopefully becomes weaker, and then gone.”  Poof, gone!

Maybe we won’t need that nCoV vaccine that’s sure to be ready “soon” after all.  Or all those repurposed military bases and pop-up “hospitals” for quarantine. Maybe the crematoriums can stop running 24/7. Maybe the Wuhan BSL-4 lab can be used as a best-practice pandemic training facility, kinda like Tepco’s repurposing of the Fukashima Dai’ichi nuclear power plant and disaster. One can hope, right?

Initially, the official narrative was that the coronavirus was “over there” and could be contained. That obviously wasn’t true. Now people are getting wise to the “nCoV isn’t as bad as the flu” narrative. And the “don’t listen to the profiteering trolls and conspiracy theorists” narrative is not quite working either. Hence, the shift to the “we’ve got it under control, the worst is behind us narrative”. Whew–I feel better already!

Still, I’m more inclined watch what our “trusted” leaders and their minions do, rather than what they say.

Coronavirus Spread Self-Sustaining, Won’t Stop With Warmer Weather



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