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by ThePassenger

Hello my friends (sorry about my English)

I have a new which could cause me problems then please don t blame me to do not give you more informations…but I want you to know.

As few of you know, I work in a luxury hotel in Paris close to the Champs Elysées. has sent a general email to all the hotels they work with all over the world to make us cancel and refund all the reservations from China, Hong-Kong and Taiwan until 29th of February. They say this date will be updated soon.

The problem is that I told my direction who answered me that…it was too late, that Chinese people were all over the city and that we don t refuse Chinese clients…I have 2 Chinese families in my hotel right now…and many will arrive in few days (I thought they couldn t travel??). My boss doesn t care about us, he loves money too much.

But here is the new you will not see anywhere on MSM…a huge palace (5 stars) in Paris has had one of its employees infected with the Corona Virus (he came back from holidays in his origin country Bengladesh).

The police came and took all the employees but the director to the hospital to take a blood test and more. The thing is that they didn t tell any of their clients about that…it was yesterday and I have no other news now. I don t know if they came back to work, I have called the hotel but the guy who answered was a temp worker (is that the good word?) who didn t know anything or was not allowed to say anything, his voice was a bit strange…

Just you to know (and I know you know my Glpers friends ahah) that no media has told us about that and I m sure there are thousands of cases all around the world that they hide from us.
Here we have Chinese tourists in all the malls and the streets, thy usually come in France in February.

When we will know the truth, it will be too late.

I ve seen so many doom threads here for those last ten years but this one can be THE ONE.

Even if nothing happens, I suggest everybody to check all the good threads we have here to prepare ourselves for the worst.

Good luck everybody



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