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by -Red_Shift-

It’s almost like people can’t take this kind of propaganda blasted in their face non-stop and the mass hysteria we’re seeing is a result of that. They’ve created the ultimate evil that must be vanquished by any means necessary. We are at war.

Whether you believe that he is controlled opposition, or is a genuine threat to an agenda, there is little denying that there isn’t a figure in our recent history that even comes close to the level of demonization of the current president of the U.S., Donald Trump.

Watching people melt down about him on a daily basis just shows how easily people can be made to focus on one thing. It has reached such an extent that Trump is the ultimate PR weapon; He can be used to rehabilitate your tarnished image simply by opposing him (e.g. Bush), or you can turn yourself into a hero as the newest in a line of freedom fighters against him.


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