MONEY ISN’T EVERYTHING, BUT: RNC raises $213 million ‘fastest ever,’ 99% small donors, to spend $250 million in 2018.

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Money isn’t everything, but the best case scenario of 99% small donations would be huge, because of the willpower that would represent, and because of the shift in the balance of power toward the base and away from big donors who are socially liberal and opposed to the vital interests of the Trump Republican base.

via washingtonexaminer:

The Republican National Committee has broken records raising money for the fall midterm congressional elections, collecting $213 million so far, with up to 99 percent in small donations, a sign supporters remain jazzed about President Trump and his agenda.

Fundraising figures to be released later this week show that Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel and her team broke past the $200 million mark “the fastest” ever, helped by a take of $13.9 million in June, a record in a non-presidential year.

What’s more, they have no debt, $50.7 million on hand, some five times what the Democratic National Committee has.

“What I see when I travel the country is that Americans continue to be enthusiastic about President Trump and the Republican agenda,” said McDaniel. She added, “That enthusiasm has allowed for me to grow our war chest and invest it into what has become the biggest ground game in our party’s history.”

In addition to directly trying to help GOP candidates win, the Republican National Committee is also building up its ground game and IT systems.

For example, the party has tripled the number of top tier volunteers, called Republican Leadership Initiative fellows, that it had in 2016. That year, it had 5,000 fellows and that is now 15,000.

It also has a paid staff of 500 in 27 states.

small donors have the same VOTES as big donors
– amass a big mailing list
– of interested VOTERS

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GOP is
– the party of the little guys
– of Main Street not Wall Street

Dems are
– the party of the rich and famous
– and the ones who don’t think laws apply to themselves

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