More Proof WHO is in bed with China – WHO chatbot on Facebook ignores Taiwan

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Netizens on Sunday (July 19) began noticing that the World Health Organization’s (WHO) automated chatbot on Facebook is ignoring all questions related to Taiwan.

Claire Chu, a Taiwanese American senior analyst at RWR Advisory Group, told Taiwan News she had noticed on Sunday that a number of Taiwanese friends had mentioned that the automated responses in the WHO’s Facebook messenger box were exclusively ignoring any queries that included the keyword “Taiwan” in them. When visiting the messenger tool for WHO’s official Facebook page, after choosing English as the preferred language, she was met with the following greeting: “Please type the name of any country (e.g. “India”) to get its latest official case numbers and sign-up to stats alerts…”

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However, when Chu tried typing the word “Taiwan” in its message box, she received a highly unhelpful response that read “How else can I help?” After Chu typed in “China,” the bot quickly spit out the latest official WHO statistics on Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) cases in China.



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