More U.S. STORE CLOSURES As American Economy Sinks Under Unpayable Debt

The store closures continue and I will continue to report it. The debt is not without payback. Just like a person can’t live under maximum debt, neither can a corporation or government. The only difference with a government is that they can print money. But of course when they do that, they destroy their currency. The bankruptcy option is a much quicker solution to an inevitable failure. What’s your opinion on debt?

The sheer amount of debt right now in the U.S. is astronomical. Since the Financial Crisis, we have added unprecedented levels of debt, further increasing risk levels. We were told that countries, governments, and people would have to be more conservative and begin easing off the risk. That didn’t happen, yet we are told it did every single day. I don’t know about you, but I’m not too fond of being lied to.


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