The Global Economic Collapse Doesn’t Happen All At Once. It Rots and Decays

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When you look at certain statistics, things look great. In fact, you would think that prosperity is boundless. Of course, we tend to enjoy reality here. Those who desire the truth don’t want propaganda and manipulation. They simply want to know the big picture. In a world where information is limited and often twisted, we must put the puzzle pieces together in order to see that picture. And that’s why…


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Markets: Indexes, Bonds, Forex, Key Commodities, ETFs

Weekly jobless claims

White House not expected to announce Trump-Xi summit date -official | Metals & Mining | Reuters

Job layoffs surge 35% to highest level to start a year in a decade

homeless tent city bike – YouTube

jpm global mfg PMI april 2019.jpg (472×362)

german industrial orders 4.3.jpg (1037×489)

UBS expects central banks to cut interest rates


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