NASHVILLE — More Than One Bomb — RV Not The Primary Explosion —

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Watch for the exhaust plume that appears in between the buidlings, just before the explosion. The explosion ejects debris back in this same direction as the incoming plume and at the exact same angle. This was no RV bomb, it was a missile or some other sort weapon form the sky. Just like in Beirut earlier this year. Both caught on video.

The RV was a decoy. The countdown was to remove all witnesses before the RV could be driven away, and to minimize casualties while they attempted to destroy evidence of voter fraud. There are witnesses who state that the explosion did not occur for another 15 minutes after the moment the countdown would have ended.

There is no sign of any RV or RV debris in the aftermath. Where are the frame and axles? And, everything exploded from underground and inside of the building.


h/t Nawt Meh Prezdunt


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