Nationwide chicken wing shortage sends Florida prices soaring

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“There’s 300 cases that are allocated for two counties I believe, they were gone in two minutes,” Hamm said.

At the beginning of the year, a case of wings sold for $70-90 a case. Now they are about $150 a case.

Consumers are also seeing an increase. On average ten wings sell for about $11. Now Papa Bees is at $13.99 and that barely turns a profit.

“You can’t raise them too much, for the customers to the point they can’t afford it,” Hamm explains. “It’s supply and demand, you have no choice with inflation or you will not make anything.”

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Papa Bee’s has the demand, but it’s their bottom line currently getting cooked.

Chicken-wing shortage impacts local business:

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A Wheat Ridge restaurant had to close for two days until they can get a back-ordered shipment of chicken wings. Greg Nieto reports.

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