NBC/WSJ POLL: Pelosi’s negatives shot up during government shutdown more than any pol // now the most unpopular politician tested in the survey.

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POLL: Nancy Pelosi most unpopular national politician in America

Despite the beating he takes from the mainstream media on a daily basis, President Trump is not the most unpopular politician in America.

Nancy Pelosi is.

A new survey of Americans finds the House Speaker — who considers herself an equal to the President — suffers from a -19 difference between total positive and total negative approval.

The NBC/Wall Street Journal poll finds Pelosi enjoys a 28 percent positive approval rating, while suffering a 47 percent negative rating.

That’s means she’s under water by 19 points.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s numbers are both lower, and his net disapproval is 18 points.

President Trump’s positive rating is 39 percent, while his negative is 51 percent, for a net -12.

The low ratings are the result of more than people (especially Democrats) opposing Pelosi’s political position and tactics during the shutdown. What people witnessed with her increased media coverage was how mentally feeble and completely unfit to lead she is.

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