Negative interest rates just hit United States. Pay the government to loan them money! What a deal!

Overnight I caught this…..

That is not a glitch and you are reading that right.. a negative rate Treasury bond!

Later on it did go up slightly into the positive

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Regardless it went negative and we are going negative again even more so.
That is the trajectory we are on.

In essence pay the government to loan them money, or another example loan out money to lock in getting less in return.

What do you people think would happen when you order endless amounts of businesses to shut down and order millions of people into a lock down!?! Now you’ve got a Federal Reserve saying we’ve got infinite cash and will do whatever it takes.
“Infinite” not my words.. directly from the Federal Reserve:

No amount of endless fiat cash can save this! At best we’ll end up as Zimbabwe, if you don’t know the story look it up. Hyper fiat creation has it’s own death sentence!

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If we don’t open back up the economy and get people back to work ASAP our fiat debt based currency system will implode.
Negative rates are the first sign, first glitch in the Matrix revealing we are at the end game of this current fiat system holding up.

If that happens then fiat currency will tell Coronavirus to “hold my beer” when it comes to wiping people out and having blood in the streets!

It’ll be the perfect way into the New World order and a one world currency and the craziest part is the sheeple will be begging for it! Just like they are begging for the Central Banks to come save them now!
In order to get the New World order and currency through you need a world wide event to occur to destroy people on so many levels as they will be begging for it too. The virus which most all would survive through is the cover story to shut everything down and push forth this agenda.
It’s all right there currently right before our very eyes.
The real question is that if people walk completely on their own free will into the slaughter house is not not their fault they got slaughtered?
It’s time to turn away and walk if not run into the opposite direction.
Sadly no matter what you say or do including myself most won’t listen or refuse to believe and will continue on walking into the Slaughter house…

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Going lower again

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