Never Forget the Insurrection of January 6, 2021

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by Chris Black

One year ago today, the riot at the Capitol, fomented by Donald Trump and facilitated by the FBI, occurred.

Or as the Jewish media has branded it since, “the deadly insurrection that threatened to destroy our democracy.” Case in point:

Despite the fact that the narrative spun by the political establishment and the media is a pile of flagrant lies long since proven to be at odds with reality, both continue to double down in an effort to demonize the common White working class folk that dared to believe they may have a say in the government their tax dollars pay for in their country.


The truth is the peasants got too close for comfort to the system’s highly insulated “representatives”, who long ago decided that these people have no right to exist and needed to be replaced by malleable third world refuse so the elites and the entrenched political class could stay in power forever.

It was the natural conclusion to the surprise election victory of Donald Trump. 2016 scared the hell out of the establishment. They saw that Whites still had power to influence political outcomes and their natural reaction was a hyperbolic panic that resulted in a complete disconnection from reality.

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That disconnection then resulted in the clown show from Hell that is Weimerica.

Since that day, the FBI, first under Trump and then under the newly installed Biden marionette, has attempted to track down anyone at the Capitol in a shameless program of political persecution that would make the KGB blush. Those locked up have been tortured and denied basic human rights without facing any serious charges that amount to more than trespassing.

Current head of the DOJ, Attorney General and arch-Jew Merrick Garfinkel has promised to continue persecutions.

As for any sort of defense of these Trump/GOP voters?

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Donald Trump sent them to the Capitol and then immediately abandoned them. Mike Pence then called the National Guard on them.

Trump’s response to this? Throw them to the wolves to save his own skin. He did manage to pardon some rappers and Jews on his way out the door. No pardons for his supporters though.

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And the GOP as a party?


Here’s Ted Cruz with the party line, not only completely siding with the establishment narrative, but exacerbating it by calling it a terrorist attack.


The GOP as an opposition party is not just worse than useless, but absolutely irredeemable and deserves to die and die hard.

Did an insurrection to overthrow the U.S. government occur one year ago?

No. But in the time since, this absolutely contemptible, illegitimate, and corrupt to the core foreign occupied government has only proven that one should have.

When a government has to fabricate a narrative to cast itself as a victim because it exists for the sake of preserving itself and its power at the expense of the people it is there to represent, then that government is absolutely illegitimate and should be abolished, the perpetrators brought to justice.

I’ve never heard of an insurrection in which the insurrectionists were not armed. Of course it’s all bullshit, designed to criminalize any White opposition to the New Red Terror.


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