Origin of “Woke Capitalism”

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by Chris Black

So-called “Woke Capitalism” is a product of Leftist cultural hegemony (specifically in academia), elite conspiracy, and “Civil Rights” law.

  1. Leftist hegemony in academia (and education in general) indoctrinates each new generation of elites, bureaucrats, and middle managers with “woke” nonsense — see for example, the Tumblr generation getting HR jobs at Amazon. Leftist views are also socially enforced via media, social media, etc. 
  2. Elite conspiracy is self-explanatory: All major CEOs and corporate leaders are members of globalist organizations like the Council on Foreign Relations and Bilderberg Group. Open the website of any major corporation and you’ll find that its board of directors is full of CFR and Davos goons. These types have been pushing Leftist ideology for centuries; “Globalism” and “Leftism” are synonymous.
  3. All corporations are beholden to so-called “Civil Rights” laws that literally force them to “go woke.” Even if corporations aren’t involved with shady Globalist organizations, they still get spanked by the government if they do a heckin’ racism.

There is currently a convoluted Marxoid-type theory in vogue on the Right, which states that “wokeness” is a “natural result of Capitalism” because Capitalism is about “removing barriers to consumption.” So, it’s completely rational that mega-corporations would fund BLM (a Marxist terrorist organization), promote pedophilic “Drag Queen” story hours, and indoctrinate literal toddlers with transgender ideology.

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This theory makes no sense at all. 

If “wokeness” is an inevitable result of Capitalism, then why were corporations “bigoted” from the dawn of capitalism in the 16th Century, until after the Second World War? What caused these corporations to abruptly switch from being unironic “White supremacists” to supporters of Black Trans Toddler Lives Matter?

“Woke Capitalism” only arose after Leftists had secured cultural hegemony and multiple generations had been brainwashed. Woke Capitalism is simply Cultural Marxism. James Lindsay was 100% correct when he identified the progression of “wokeness” as Leninism → Maosim → Western Marxism → “Neo-Marxism” (“wokeness”).

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“Capitalism” is not an autonomous force. Corporations shouldn’t be viewed as special unique entities controlled by abstract wizardry, but as nodes of power that can be captured and controlled by ideologically-motivated parties, like the media, academia, or judiciary.

Certain people use their capital to push Globalist/Leftist politics, as they always have: Engels was a rich factory owner, Jacob Schiff (a director of Wells Fargo and an architect of the Federal Reserve) funded the Bolsheviks, and so on.

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Currently, the world’s largest ‘asset management’ firm (which is basically a company that manages funds for other companies and invests money on their behalf) is BlackRock, with 9.5 trillion dollars in assets. The company is so big that Bloomberg called them the “fourth branch of the government.”

 (https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-05-21/how-larry-fink-s-blackrock-is-helping-the-fed-with-bond-buying)BlackRock’s CEO, Larry Fink (who is an ‘Agenda Contributor’ for the World Economic Forum), follows a United Nations policy called Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG). BlackRock prioritizes investments in companies that are in line with the UN’s ESG principles, which include: Climate change, sustainability, diversity, human rights, and animal welfare. (AKA: Technocracy, White genocide, and veganism). ESG functions as a “woke” social credit score that cuts companies out of the financial system.


Did “Capitalism” make Larry Fink enforce these radical, Far-Left values? Is it profitable to cut the dicks off little children or to normalize pedophilia? Or are these people perhaps motivated by something other than the mere acquisition of wealth?


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