Socialists Don’t Get It

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by Chris Black

I really don’t get these people who claim they are not for the abolition of private property, but still identify as socialists. 

Abolishing private property is the very basis of socialism. Without that, it is not really socialism. 

The reason for this is that private property will always give rise to free enterprise (capitalism).

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 If people have their own property, land and tools, they will be able to monetize them or convert it into a workspace/business, where they can sell goods and services in an open market.

 Socialist regimes have to severely restrict private property, if not abolish it entirely, in order to keep the state-socialist fever dream going, or else people will just naturally create markets which will spell the end of socialism.

 People still engage in market activity under socialist regimes, it just goes underground, what they call the black market.

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