Never seen a leverage like this on credit card.. the consumer is ‘super strong’… In 2020 insider sold the top and in april 2020 they bought the bottom.. now they did the same thing

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More Americans Than Ever Say It’s Not a Good Time To Buy a Home

Just 30% of adults surveyed by Gallup said now is a good time to buy. It’s the first time the share fell below 50% since the question was first asked in 1978.

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β€˜We See a Big Recession in the Making’: Top CEOs Are Fearing the Worst in Europe

The CEOs of several European blue chip companies have told CNBC that they see a significant recession coming down the pike in Europe.

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Economic Downturn Spreads As More Sectors Report Falling Output and Record Price Rises

Detail sector PMI data compiled by S&P Global revealed a broadening of the global economic slowdown in April with more sectors reporting falling output than at any time since 2012

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Wages Surged, Raging Inflation Crushed the Purchasing Power of those Wages

Why a crackdown on inflation might actually help in bringing people back into the labor force.

Ken Rogoff on April Jobs Report: Wages Not Keeping Up With Inflation β€˜Concerning’ and β€˜Problematic’

The former chief economist at the International Monetary Fund provided the insight during an interview with Fox News Digital after the Labor Department revealed that average hourly earnings rose by 5.5% year-over-year in March, down slightly from 5.6% the month before. The data comes amid surging inflation, which hit a fresh 40-year high in March.

Consumer debt soared by $52 billion in March


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