New Deadly Variant “Emerges” in Time for Dark Winter

by Chris Black

Wow, this is right on the money! No one could have predicted this.

Here’s a short recap of the psyop: covid deaths were being exaggerated in the past 2 years, and actually covid 19 is just a rebranding of the flu and other respiratory illnesses; or, if you prefer, provided there’s a brand-new covid 19 thing, is no more dangerous than the flu. 

Shutting down the economies in the western world and printing money like crazy led to extreme inflation, mail in ballots were used to steal elections, I predicted that the covid hoax will never end, that the vax will be very unsafe and ineffective, that a vax pass will be introduced to block vax sceptics out of society, and that booster shots will become routine.

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And here we are, a new variant emerges.


A newly discovered coronavirus strain with a significant number of mutations has prompted the World Health Organization (WHO) to convene a special emergency meeting, set to discuss how to address the evolved variant.


Taking the vax will not save you. It will only destroy your health and make everything else that much worse for everybody.



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