New Jersey Is BANKRUPT and Your Pensions Will Be Taken Away! This Is A Warning!

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Are you in New Jersey? What can you tell me about the situation there?

I need some inside information!

New Jersey is in the same trouble as Illinois and other parts of the US. They have promised more than they can possibly hand out. All they need to do now is to make the public confident, boost their morale and then take from them when they’re not looking.


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Phil Murphy orders immediate spending, hiring freeze |

Phil Murphy orders state agencies to prepare for a government shutdown |

Cost of Living 2017

New Jersey treasurer resets public pension rate of return | Reuters

New Jersey’s New Budget Aims To Raise Taxes On Almost Everything – Bloomberg Quint

The State Pension Funding Gap: 2015 | The Pew Charitable Trusts

psrs_the_state_pension_funding_gap_2015_figure3.png (650×1859)

If the economy is so great, why are 78 million hustling for dimes? – MarketWatch

MW-GK138_sidehu_20180531140453_ZH.png (890×501)

Obama Library Project Could Tap $100 Million in State Funds | Chicago Tonight | WTTW

Bill Text – AB-1668 Water management planning.

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