New Movie “Hostiles” Comes With Progressive Depiction of the Wild West

by Chris Black

We just got word of yet another guilt-ridden, feel-bad flick from our enemies in Hollyweird, this time a so-called western dubbed “Hostiles. And yes, this is a progressive (as in a politically correct) Western. John Wayne rolls into his grave like a ventilator.
The movie can be described as the latest attempt from the leftists in Hollywood to edulcorate and/or falsify America’s history. In case you didn’t notice, movies about the Wild West all but vanished from the 3D silver screens due to Hollywood’s obsession with perceived mysoginism, racism and what have you which is inherent in such a genre. Set to debut next month, on December 22th, “Hostiles” explores white America’s origins, but let’s quote the filmmaker Scott Cooper himself:
“When I set out to make the film I knew there was a racial and cultural divide in America. I just didn’t realize it was as wide as it is, and growing wider by the day.”
The thing is, ‘Hostiles’ tries to depict the image of the Wild West in a progressive way, as in from a non-white, non male, non heterosexual perspective; the movie follows a veteran cavalry officer (a bad guy, as in bigoted) whose mission is to escort a dying captive Indian war-chief and his family back to their  tribal lands. Let’s quote the director again:
“For me really it was about two disparate men with very different world views who come together over the course of the narrative to offer one another a bit of reconciliation and hope. God knows, we need that in America now. I hope, if anything, it sparks a conversation about how we all need to come together and understand each other a bit better and the story is truly a journey of the soul for the characters.”
The Western used to be about freedom, individuality, and the challenges of living in a society that didn’t depend on getting everything you wanted from the government. Now it’s about “feelings”. Gees.
I suppose next we can expect a movie where Crazy Horse accuses Daniel Boone of micro-aggressions and creating a hostile work environment. And obviously, this makes for yet another movie that I will never bother to watch.
Here are some interesting  factoids about the Wild West, or the entire period considered the “Wild West” (late 1800s):
With literally EVERYBODY carrying weapons, there were less murders TOTAL than what Chicago, with all its gun restrictions, sees in one year. Ran by Democrats for years, thank you very much.
As with the early settlers on the East coast in the 1600-1700s, Whites first found themselves engaged in warfare with Native Americans in the West due to being caught in the middle of already existing tribal warfare on their arrival.
I know this will come as a big shock to some, but there is a reason that Indian tribes and nations existed. They existed for the same reasons nations and kingdoms were formed in Europe. People congregated into societies and those became nations and cultures. They became the Cheyenne, Apache, Sioux and all the rest. And these nations warred with one another, killed one another, and took land and property from one another, just as the rest of the world was doing.
But you know what else they did? Long before any white or brown European set a foot on this continent? Maybe you’ve guessed. Yes. They practiced slavery. That’s right. The “Native Americans” practiced slavery.
They learned how to do that all by themselves. I’m not excusing any atrocities committed by others. For instance, the Trail of Tears and Wounded Knee are inexcusable. Just trying to provide a little historical perspective on the true history of the Americas.
Pick up a damn history book, people.

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16 thoughts on “New Movie “Hostiles” Comes With Progressive Depiction of the Wild West

  1. May the ghosts of Roy Rogers, Gary Cooper, Randolph Scott, Jimmy Stewart, and John Wayne haunt you, Mr Director, un til your dying day….

  2. “Pick up a damn history book, people.” And the first history books you read should be…
    THE INDIAN WAR OF 1864 by Lt Eugene Ware,
    JOURNAL OF A TRAPPER by Osbourne Russell

  3. Ahhh, a “Cowboy” movie depicting Natives as victims of Invaders from another Continent? Ouch! Truth hurts…. Ah, Manifest Destiny takes a hit? I know never shame a European Invader! Their True depravity might get exposed. How does one “discover” a place with several Million Peoples living there already? Even in kindergarten, I never understood that.
    And John Wayne rolling in his grave? Really? My WW2 Vet Grandfathers used to bristle at the “War Hero” accolades bandied about when Wayne’s name was in the mix. He is the most famous NON-WAR HERO/Cowboy ever on FILM ONLY! Who cares what He or other celluloid Cowboys/War Vets think about THIS MOVIE! Because they played them on screen/tv? So.
    Oh, and Pocahantis was only child, scrap that “romantic” BS. Though Roy Moore would approve! MAGA!

    • Ah, revisionist history is your bag. Hate Whitey. Never mind the records of what really took place. I suppose you would have preferred the Chinese or Moslems to get here first.

      • Your response is just more proof positive that Common Core is a failure. Sad little person. Try a library or google even. You might learn something, as scary as that seems. Hate the truth? Becky?
        The Chinese did get to America first. As did the Natives before them. Leif Ericsson was here long before Columbus sailed thru the Caribbean Islands/Gulf……….And was LOST. MAGA!

          • Again, more proof Common Core is a disaster. Which Moscow? There are 20 in the US. I’m not from any of them, thanks for assuming. You ask because You have no windows where You are held? It’s about to rain here, Ca. MAGA!

          • You have a problem with white Americans moron, and have American history wrong, moron. Is that better Valdi?

          • That’s “moran” to you missy! I mean Becky! If my Grandfathers Grandfather hadn’t been a slave back in the Good Ole’ Southern Days. Then, maybe I would share Your perspective. Then I,
            like You. Would still be in denial regarding the true history of OUR country. But, I don’t. MAGA!

          • You are full of bull, that’s for sure… Sure you hope black people share your opinion of America since that is what you commies have been trying to get them to do for all these years. Can’t convince white Americans so go for the minorities. Change the racial makeup of the country. V. I. Lenin wrote about it. I’ve read his sayings on America, Vladi. I read commie blogs, too.

          • Oh, Becky……you have Your opinion and I have mine. Thats what makes Todays America so much better then the one of History. It’s ok. MAGA!

  4. I like westerns and it would be nice to see some new ones made. I see nothing wrong with a western that has different people from different prospectives learning and understanding about each other. I think we need a lot more of that and I’m a republican.

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