BEST POLL EVER: 50,000 people polled in 50 states, 1/3 republican 1/3 democrat 1/3 independent. Trump won 67-19

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1,000 people polled in each state
50,000 people
Trump 67%
Hillary 19%
Bonnie Woolfolk Smith This is a repost:
Here is what a Real Poll looks like in America. Please take the Time to Read.. A Total of 50,000 people Polled in 50 States….
PG Farnsworth We have just completed our own poll since we cannot get factual information from the mainstream media!! We called 1000 homes in each of the 50 states and asked basic questions on the economy, terrorism, immigration and presidential pick.
Economy was the number one factor that Americans are concerned about and terrorism was number two.
Presidential pick was Trump by a large percentage.
Trump 33478 votes 67%
Clinton 9788 Votes 19%
Undecided or other 6739 votes 13%
My friends and I are all Graduate students from all walks of life we meet to discuss stuff. 13 people who like and have served in the Military. It took us most of two weeks to be sure our calls were to all people and not just one party or an other we called Americans.. our poll is by taking registered voter lists and we accumulated 33% repub, 33% dems and 34% ind.. our poll consisted of 1000 calls per state. all 50 states. 50,000 people are in this poll not the 100 like other polls.
Please everyone copy and paste to your status so everyone knows that the other polls are rigged!

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418 thoughts on “BEST POLL EVER: 50,000 people polled in 50 states, 1/3 republican 1/3 democrat 1/3 independent. Trump won 67-19

  1. Good for you. We need honest people to do things like this. The leadership is so corrupt and it’s working it’s way down to the common man. This is the beginning of the end for any law and order unless we change it.

          • Yes. *ALL* the other polls are rigged. All the other pollsters have gotten together and decided, for some reason, to lie. In the process they will be destroying their own credibility and therefore be going out of business when discovered. All of them. Because.

          • If you consider that most all polls originate from the leftist main stream media, you must assume their undying love and devotion for Hillary. We know 90 to 95% of media are members of the Socialist Democratic Party or worse, declared communists. Add to this that all the leftists in the news media despise Trump. C’mon man, use your brain if you have one. Of course most of the polls are rigged. You have to be retarded not to have figured this out already. Besides, the leftist media does not rely on the people to keep their businesses going, the Federal Government is their tit.

          • These zombies don’t even realize, if they don’t get enough responses, they actually use data and names from up to 12 years ago. But, don’t waste your breath, their cult leaders didn’t give them that part of the information.

          • Are you replying to the right post. I think you might have a little Jack in your tea. I don’t understand what you are talking about. Man, you can’t buy your kind of stupid, born with it?

          • Declared communists? You’re extremism is showing. Of course that was the case when you actually believed in a poll like this. The only polls that show THIS kind of advantage are ones involving Putin and other dictators.

          • Exactly, but you’ve got the source of the money wrong. Polling companies lose money on political polls, but if they have a good track record of getting the polling right (meaning accurately predicting elections), then they can make big money selling their services to companies that want to accurately know what people think of their products and services.
            Polling companies want to be right or else they’ll be out of business. They really don’t care who’s leading their polls as long as they get it right. This nonsense about the polls being rigged is totally off the mark.

          • Okay, so I am a polling company, what if I give the Clinton campaign numbrs that reflect the above, 67 Trump, 19 Clinton & 13 undecided, what is to stop me from reporting false information for Money, but give my PayMaster the real numbers??? Your logic doesn’t make sense in the light of Money!

          • Try re-reading my post above. Polling companies want to predict the election CORRECTLY. They make money with CORPORATE polling NOT Political polling.

          • Yeah …
            However …
            MOST Large Corporations are ESTABLISHMENT … they Know How to Game THIS System … They aren’t so sure about the NEXT System …
            MOST of the Polls are about Politics wherein ONE “Party” is more aligned with THIS System than any Other … That is the ESTABLISHMENT is most comfortable with ESTABLISHMENT Politics.
            Which POLLS do you think Large, Establishment, Corporations are going to PAY for?

          • I’m sure this passes for some sort of intelligence in Trump-land, but for anyone with more than a high school education what you’ve written is paranoid babbling that has no connection to reality.

          • Really? Well then I guess that you’re in some sort of trouble.
            What I pointed out is simple and pretty straight to the point.
            Perhaps in whatever institute of higher learning you pretended to go to they never taught you the concept of Critical Thinking or Skeptical Analysis …
            So … am I therefore to assume you have an associates degree in basketweaving or something important like that?

          • Assume away! One thing that’s quite clear from your posts is that you probably don’t even have an associate’s degree, in basket weaving or anything else!

          • Yep that’s right.
            Just like the official bond ratings agencies (Standard and Poors and Moodys)released completely falsified triple AAA ratings for bonds just before the housing crisis, these media polls are completely fraudulent.
            Easy to see yourself since Trump is filling stadiums to overflowing while Hillary can barely get a few hundred to show up for her appearances. And yet the desperate and crooked media is trying to tell us that she leads in the polls! How stupid do they think we are. (Well some people are pretty stupid indeed apparently).

          • most, not all. there have been several stories of pollsters manipulating samples to change trump win to a loss. read what pat caddell (democrat) had to say about reuters backrigging their polls, for example.
            you simply don’t know what you are talking about. this is the agenda phase of poll manipulation to show clinton up and demoralize trump support. right before election, the polls will all cluster together (with clinton still higher than she really is) to maintain their reputation. you don’t have to be right, just don’t stray far from the pack.
            look what happened with brexit. it’s called herding. well documented. you aren’t curious why polls are all over the place and then mysteriously cluster at the end, you think it’s random? just watch…

          • Ummm …
            Polls are routinely rigged … I guess you had no idea …
            They are routinely rigged by messing with the questions asked and by skewing the “read” of the responses.
            Pollsters themselves have nothing to fear about being put “out of business” because they specifically rig the Poll to indicate pretty much whatever the Establishment (their Employers) want.

          • Because they were stupid and believed their decision was right and saved the $$$ by posting fake polls.
            How else were they so completely wrong? The Dems were crushed, remember?

          • Just don’t waste your breath, arguing with them, is like debating your dog about who will win the Super Bowl. POINTLESS! You can’t erase years, upon years of indoctrination. If you put 10 of them in 1 room, you will not get a differing opinion between them. POINTLESS!

          • Actually Militant that’s what you are doing you make no logical case for Hillary being on top other than the corrupt media said so. Want proof? I’ll bet you were having a great time when the media paraded all these women out saying Trump was groping them. Until they were challenged and found to be lying. Yeah it makes sense a woman is sexually assaulted and she says nothing for 30 years and then 4 weeks before a major election where one of the candidates is the one they accuse. Wake the hell up and stop being so stupid.. Veritas just broke stories proving from the corrupt people themselves that they rig rally’s to get trump supporters riled up and they have rigged elections. There is no such thing as a smart progressive, you lack the ability to think.

          • AHHHHHHHHHHH, Are you calling me a “progressive”? I think you need to check your Alzheimer’s medication. The last time I voted was for Reagan at my duty station when I was 18, haven’t voted since. Are you ok, I think you need a scan. I think your comprehension is getting away from you pops.

          • This is a whole different election. Noone likes Romney. Lots of people love Trump. He fills stadiums. Hillary can’t even fill gyms. She’s so crooked amd smart Americans see it. Watch come November 🙂 Polls will never be taken seriously ever again.

          • Yeah, yeah, yeah. Trump fills stadiums, just like Ted Nugent does. If polls aren’t to be taken seriously, why are you so attached to those that show Trump remaining competitive?

          • I have no attachment to any polls. Not even this one. Merely stating polls are very biased, and almost always liberal. This one is just more representative of how much support Trump has even while the media completely downplays him and tries to hold crooked Hillary afloat.

          • Because it is the only poll done that polls EQUALLY 1,000 people in each of all 50 states. 33% democrat, 33% republican, ans 34% independent. A 50,000 registered voter poll is by far more reliable than the 765 people that most of these polls interview. And they fail to ever tell you how many of which party were interviewed.

          • There are lots of problems with using party identification as a voter screen, mostly because voters tend to identify with the party they intend to vote for. So if a republican candidate is leading you’ll have more people who self ID as an R. If a Democratic candidate is leading you’ll get more people who ID as a D. Balancing by party ID just boosts the polling for the losing candidate and invalidates the poll.
            However you don’t need to worry about this poll, because it’s all fake.

          • Do you have a link to the actual poll?
            You know – who actually conducted it, how they chose whom to call, the number of people called to get 50,000 responses, what questions were asked, whether it was registered or likely voters, etc.?

          • That’s irrelevant because the article is about a company going back and changing their PREVIOUS poll results.
            It doesn’t matter WHEN it was done because it shows outright FRAUD!

          • Well we know who is going to raise the taxes on the working people who earn their livings..and give it to the lazy people that live off of the hard working people..

          • people with high incomes are already paying more than their fair share of the taxes in this country. that’s always the answer, tax the rich… i wonder how much Clinton herself is going to take in a pay cut. last we looked she donates her own money to her charity and then writes it off, which if you didnt know, is illegal.

        • Oh … Okay S-Dog …
          First its a matterof not reading the article and saying “there’s no way …”
          Second after having it pointed out that YOU DIDN’T READ the Article, you come back with “…out of date”.
          So …
          You didn’t read it to begin with and any further response from you is as bogus as your initial response …

          • Ummmm let’s see … there has been no update and I believe I even mentioned that …
            However, if you can recall that far back the numbers being touted by mainstream mass media were at least as grim …
            There’s little that I’ve seen that really changed the picture all that much except for the amount of crap Hillary had found herself in … so I’m still prone to believe that the polls being put forth are simply so much propagandized manure …
            I would not doubt that there is truly some change but I wouldn’t put any credence in the polls you see on the news or in the papers …
            But you can … please … you jes’ go an’ git all sortsa comfy with em’ … I’d ‘preciate that muchly

        • hmm you’re a statistics fan, why haven’t we seen you on the boards skewering the bogus msm pencil whipped polls? Ohh you believe the msm wouldn’t ever lie or commit fraud!!
          We do see from your postings that you’re a “at minimum” borderline racist who seems to despise older white people! You’re anti gun! You’re a rabid statist!
          You’re in favor of “REAL LIBERALS” being on the supreme court! You dither about unskewed polls!
          You seem to think obama got into the white house without white votes but most if not all whites are racists!
          You BELIEVE that Reagan created the largest expansion of the national debt since ww2, oddly Under obama the national debt DOUBLED but you ignore that! You call trump a pig! You ignore the many verified crimes by Clinton but blather about trumps marriages, allude to crime connections, you get spastic about alleged fraud by trump but ignore proven fraud by clinton,
          should I mention all the crimes obama committed but you ignore because of the melanin content of his skin?
          but people should listen to you because your opinion is settled science or some bs!

          • There’s a reason why some media are called “main stream.” It’s because they don’t indulge in fringe theories or accounts. Polling is both art and science, but there are a number of reputable polling firms available, all of which show Clinton well ahead right now.
            Your claims about the national debt simply aren’t supported by facts.

          • dear dumbass, I’ve said NOTHING about the national debt.. are you this stupid in person? Your msm polls are COOKED! just like the unemployment numbers, they create them to meet the desired results, they have NO BASIS IN REALITY!

          • That doesn’t seem to hold up under examination. Most all of the reputable polling groups provide both their methodology and internal cross tabs for review. Weighting responses based on known factors in the electorate is far more accurate than pretending everyone is the same. Sorry you don’t understand those basic methods or the facts of how they’re reached.

          • I answered YOUR LIE about the debt WHICH YOU interjected into the conversation to change the subject or don’t you recall that? See you people LOVE to muddy the water with side arguments, like when you attempted to bait me into a different argument when you asked if i masturbate to hillary’s picture.. typical ALINSKY tactic and part and parcel of the DNC attack methodology! ..
            As to your CLAIMS that there are REPUTABLE polling groups.. PROVE they are reputable and aren’t holding hillary’s purse! Oh you can’t! You’re just regurgitating MORE DNC TALKING POINTS!
            You lose again shill boy!

          • I gave you your own words, which you had denied. Too bad you can’t keep on track for more than a few seconds. You’re the one claiming the polling companies are not reputable. That’s an extraordinary claim, and an extraordinary claim requires extraordinary evidence of proof. Let’s see some.

          • So you can’t actually prove your statement that they’re reputable! Recall you did make the claim!
            AND IN YOUR OWN WORDS. That’s an extraordinary claim, and an extraordinary claim requires extraordinary evidence of proof. Let’s see some.

          • You really are a wild man today. Do some basic math and let me know how those numbers come out. How long would it take to conduct such a poll with 13 people? That’s what they claim happened.

          • again you don’t seem to be presenting evidence of YOUR CLAIM! just dancing off in a different direction and making more empty claims!
            It’s a bitch when someone uses your own tactics against you, isn’t it!

          • 13 people calling 50,000 for 14 days @ 8hrs. Per day, would require 34.34 calls an hour for each of the 13 people involved….it’s very doable

          • Riiight. Have you ever tried to actually make contact with the 50 subjects per hour you’d need to make the numbers in a poll like this? You’re whistling through the graveyard again.

          • Now you have to start stretching for it to even make sense. How much would such a poll cost? Who paid for it? Have you ever tried to do quick telephone interviews, even with a “concise script”? LOL…

          • 8 hours a day would work in one time zone.. add in the other time zones and they can call 11-15 hours a day. we all know that political calls go way beyond business hours.. I have political calls as late as 9pm.

          • to who about what? who are you? you haven’t even posted on this thread under “what is probably one of many ID’s you use to troll with” Which makes you either insane and or a liar… so which is it? FURTHER, if you check your own post history, IN THE ID YOU’RE USING NOW.. you haven’t posted a damn thing IN EIGHT DAYS! Run along and lie to someone else TROLL!

          • I thank you for the apology. I just returned to legally to your original post to suggest you get some professional assistance with the paranoia thing. Or to accuse you of trolling yourself. Dost thou potest too much? But I see now that you wrote all that ugliness that you’ve now deleted (like Hillary) before thinking. Take a deep breath. It’s just a comment on the Internet. Relax.

          • wow I apologized and withdrew my comment that was as described, directed at someone else, and here you are comparing my actions to a pathological lying psychopath who has left a multitude of dead bodies in her wake.. how do i possibly thank you??

          • That was not my intention. I did not compare you to anyone. I compared deleting the post to Hillary deleting emails.. Just a little twist on current events. Certainly did not compare you to anyone. You might want to read read my post I said I was coming back to say these things to you before you confirmed your misunderstanding of my post. Then I suggested you take postings on the Internet more lightly. This is not earth shattering stuff. Have a good night.

          • That may be true. Perhaps if you weren’t so unnecessarily adversarial people wouldn’t say things to you, in response, that find. You could brush up on those reading comprehension skills and avoid misunderstandings in the future. Mess with the bull, you get the horns. I’m being very nice to you because you apologized for you untruthful and abusive comments. Should I repost your deleted comment to remind you how this started? Seems you forgot. Now take what you started like a man buddy. Have a nice day.

          • You have some issues of your own, your reoccurring passive aggressive bs is tiresome
            As to my apology, I withdrew my post because you were not “that” troll, you have however become a troll. My post was not untruthful, but you refuse to accept that. It must be nice to be you, never ever having made a mistake, right?? My initial comments were not untruthful “they were in fact accurate although misdirected” and if you STILL consider them directed at you, SEEK THERAPY snowflake! They weren’t directed at you “as was previously explained”!
            You can take your meds now!

          • See what I mean about unnecessarily adversarial? Yep. You should see someone about that. But I’m confident you’ll need to have the last word because you’re obsessive compulsive. Good luck with that.

          • oddly it seems you demand the last word. followed with your weak manipulation.
            Did you make that therapy appointment yet? you really should!

          • You still haven’t addressed the practical impossibility of this poll, but it’s now at a point where it no longer matters. Whatever it was is old news now.

          • MSM polls are being skewed (Rueters for instance), and they even admit it in their own articles. Rueters polling far more Dems than Reps, erasing previous polls that show Trump in the lead, and replacing them with Clinton leads? Total and unabashed polling fraud.

          • Why would all of the main stream polls be skewed, and how would they do it? Polling companies get paid for accuracy. If their polls aren’t accurate, nobody will want to pay them money for their future services. Your arguments just makes no rational sense.

          • dear dumbass, I’ve said NOTHING about the national debt..

            You said that after you posted this:

            You BELIEVE that Reagan created the largest expansion of the national
            debt since ww2, oddly Under obama the national debt DOUBLED but you
            ignore that!

            Sure seems like “saying something about the national debt” to me…

          • The fake poll? There’s simply no way they could have conducted such a poll with 13 people and the number of calls needed to get a 50,000 interview data set. Take our your calculator and do a little basic arithmetic to see how long such a thing would take, and then add in at least another 40,000 to 50,000 calls that went unanswered or were rejected because they gave duplicate party affiliations. You folks are so easy to manipulate….

          • Oh there you go again, making extraordinary claims which require you to provide us with your extraordinary proof that refutes it and not just your flapping gums!

          • nice try, YOU CLAIMED THEY “your polls” ARE REPUTABLE, which in and of itself is an extraordinary claim, which according to you requires extraordinary evidence.. NONE OF WHICH YOU CAN PRODUCE! SO YOU LIED!

          • you make extraordinary claims and then call names when the rules you apply to everyone else, are used on you! you’re a liar, now we all know!

          • I’ve made no extraordinary claims, and neither have the polling companies. It’s only you folks who don’t like the results who keep posting nonsense about unskewered polls.

          • unskewered huh?? yeah ok.. english isn’t your friend and neither is honesty! you made an extraordinary claim and now you’re lying about it!

          • you made the extraordinary claim that your polling companies are reputable, PROVE IT with your extraordinary evidence proving it. BUT YOU HAVE NO EVIDENCE! that makes you a liar
            THEN YOU CLAIM TO HAVE WORKED FROM THE FTC fyi, they are the regulatory agency over collection agencies, but you wouldn’t know that.. Soo, where is your extraordinary evidence that you worked for the FTC!

          • The FCC? You’ve lost your mind again. Collection agencies are regulated by the FCRA, but they have oversight from state consumer affairs agencies and the offices of states attorney general.

          • SkippingDog is being too kind to your fake poll. You need to make about 1 million calls in order to get 50,000 responses (if you have to exclude some responses for duplicate registration or some other reason then it’s going to take more than 1 million calls). Do you really think that any group of 13 people made 1,000,000 calls to make up their own poll!?!?

          • I used to work as a bill collector, we averaged 100 calls during a 7 hour period.. now multiply 100 calls by 13 = 1,300 calls an hour, multiplied by say 7 hours = 9,100 a day, multiplied by 13 days = 118,300
            Gee the math seems NOT to support YOUR CLAIM!

          • You didn’t ask a series of polling questions. You hoped somebody answered and said “Is Chantel there?” Even so, poll data that is already two weeks old by the time you begin sorting it is hardly relevant.

          • are you making yet another extraordinary claim about which you know less than nothing about??
            I am now forced to demand that you provide me with your extraordinary evidence proving your extraordinary claim!!!

          • I once had a job regulating bill collector companies. The biggest bunch of losers I’ve ever seen. Most of them had either been in jail or were headed that way. Which is it for you?

          • yet another extraordinary claim WHICH I DO NOT BELIEVE, so you’ll have to produce your extraordinary evidence proving your claim!

          • You’ve got some obsessive tendencies. No wonder you can’t hold a better job. Sounds like you’ve got some pretty high scores on the Asperger’s scale as well, although you’re probably only borderline autistic. Are interpersonal skills hard for you?

          • Oh so when you’re caught LYING like NOW, you just attempt to disparage someone that probably pays for your food, shelter, and healthcare via my taxes! YOUR WELCOME

          • you just make up lies as you go WHEN YOU’RE CAUGHT IN A LIE.. what a good DEMOCRAT! Your hero must be hillary, she’s a world class liar, you’re not even good at it!

          • ah yes, you’ve lost the argument and have less than zero extraordinary evidence supporting your “LIES” claims so you with to talk about anything but that now, huh!!!

          • I’m happy to go back to polls and the FBI if you’d like, but we both know it’s a waste of time. You’re all eaten up with hate and no facts will ever change your mind. It’s more fun to mess with you about your failed life.

          • Great, produce your extraordinary EVIDENCE proving your claims.. i’ll wait! I have all the time in the world and you get paid by the hour!

          • you made claims and now you claim they’re not extraordinary, that’s another LIE!! um yeah they are, you claimed that your polls are reputable, THAT IS EXTRAORDINARY.. now prove it with your extraordinary evidence.. we both know you can’t so you’ll spew some bs or yet another ad hominem attack.. your modus operandi is exceeding predictable
            THEN you claimed the FBI went through “apparently the entire united states code” to charge hillary, that is a BLATANT LIE and an extraordinary claim, for not only did they not charge her with 18 usc 2071(b) they didn’t and refuse to charge her with 18 usc 1001.. when both are easily provable! and neither require INTENT!

          • I did that out of highschool a long time ago… see there you go again making extraordinary claims with less than zero evidence and JUMPING TO CONCLUSIONS, the thing you CLAIMED you don’t do..
            You’re caught liar and you know it!

          • My advice isn’t free, if you want to learn something “and obviously you’re in dire need of an education” you have to pay for it!

          • well according to you, I’m entirely too stupid to know how to even run such an operation, or did you forget about that lie??
            interesting that you no longer wish to talk about your extraordinary claim “LIE” about the fbi and your polls though!

          • You don’t have to be smart to run a scam like that. You just have to be sneaky and devious. You certainly seem to have those traits.

          • oh we have already determined that you possess the morals of a convict,.. I’ll bow to your superior knowledge when it comes to crime and lies!

          • Skipping Dog does seem like a paid Hillary Troll, but you also seem like an idiot. Non Sec just destroyed your math, demonstrating that you can’t do basic math, and worse — you can’t do basic logic either. You asked for evidence and then he didn’t feel like posting links, although he could — and you think that makes him a “LIAR” (in all caps no less, and with extra ranting). In fact that does not. That is what’s known as the fallacy fallacy — arguing that if something is not argued well enough it must be false. In fact, I am aware that the average Non Sec quoted is more or less accurate — an No, I’m not going to back that up with links either — because while telling you how you are wrong is a mildly satisfying activity, wasting my time looking up links for someone without even a basic level of competency in math or logic, would be a waste of time.

          • non sec didn’t destroy squat, he pulled a number out of his ass “and you like the nodding moron agree with him” with less than zero substantiation. SO either you’re a moron or you’re really non sec trying to buttress your own lies! You’re pathetic and a liar along with your girlfriend non sec/aka you!
            We know you won’t back it up, you can’t prove one thing you’ve said.. all you’ve spouted is YOUR OPINION of YOUR OWN OPINION! Nice new account by the way NON SEC!

          • you’re really off your rocker dude. You wrote: “we averaged 100 calls during a 7 hour period.. now multiply 100 calls by 13 = 1,300 calls an hour,” —> and somehow went backward from a seven hour period, back to a one hour period. Then you multiplied it by seven hours again, for some unknown reason — “multiplied by say 7 hours = 9,100 a day…” and then multiplied by 13 days, getting only 118,300 — which is still about 1/10th of what the number of calls you’d need to make to get 50,000 responses, at a 5% response rate, and it was an estimate inflated by 7 times.
            Then you wrote, “Gee the math seems NOT to support YOUR CLAIM!” — I have trouble believing any ordinary person could actually be that stupid, so I’m going to assume you are a paid social media troll, and give you some friendly advice. Stop. You are hurting the entire world. Just stop.

          • I’ll type it slowly for you since obviously you’re mentally deficient. ONE person can make 100 calls an hour, multiply that by 13 people making calls = 1300 calls an hour, multiplied by 7 hours a day = 9,600 calls a day, multiplied by 13 days = 118,300 calls.. Is it really that difficult for you to comprehend?? You should have actually done the math i laid out instead of making yourself look like what you are, a fool!
            That isn’t even taking into account that political calls aren’t limited to business hours of 7-8 hours a day, political calls “covering all the time zones” can equate to an easy 11-15 hours a day..
            Fold up your tent and stfu now!

          • Right, you really are that stupid. You cannot even read what you wrote when it is read back to you. Scroll up and read your own comment, if you don’t like the copy and paste of it. You are fucking retarded. Holy shit. LIke, amazingly stupid.

          • You truly are an idiot! It’s a wonder that you even know how to use a computer! The proof of response rates is right there in the link! What else do you need you moron!

          • so in summation, you can’t personally attest to the accuracy of something you had nothing to do with creating, right?? and I’m the moron for not taking the word of people, neither you or I have ever met.
            I’ll also presume that you are completely oblivious to scientists/statisticians who have frequently LIED and skewed results to meet an preordained outcome/AGENDA. That apparently doesn’t exist in your perfect world! but I’m the moron, sorry, but your story and the ADMISSION of Reuters and others, does not support your fairy tale! Nice try though!

          • Well, are you going to make up some more statistics to buttress your lie of 5% that you could never substantiate? We’re waiting for a lucid and knowledgeable answer, along with the PROOF OF YOUR 5% claim, when does that happen?

          • This must be where you throw out some more ad hominem attacks and character assassination, since you don’t have anything that would remotely be believable since you have no personal firsthand knowledge. All you have is hearsay of hearsay and OPINION!

          • Bravo on answering back to “Dogbreath” there. I followed the comments you made up to this point because I wanted to tell you the same thing TruthHammer did. I see that you knew this already. I just wanted to remind good and positive people like you to spend their energy on constructive things, like sharing with (those willing to listen) all the corrections that are coming our way with the Trump Presidency. Even-though Hillary has slipped out of prosecution for her crimes over and over again, she may not be able to escape what’s happening to her failing brain and body. These facts are painfully evident. We know that Donald Trump is our nation’s favorite and that’s all that matters. Let work on those undecided ones shall we? God bless you dear.

          • You “averaged 100 calls during a 7 hour period”, which is a bit more than 14 per hour. So 13 people could make nearly 186 calls per hour NOT the 1300 calls per hour you erroneously claim.

          • You are such a worthless troll and so much like the ones you are defending… no values to attest to anything you say and no truth to be told by you. The Left media you so support against this honest poll is BIASED and we Americans all know it… so stop this nonsense and go talk to your sheeple who will believe any nonsense you dish out…

          • Don’t have to answer to a troll… to you no matter what anyone says even if they show you in your face you will deny. You are so brainwashed you cannot see past your nose. It is all about your party power and not what is good for America.

          • Whether Trump gets elected or not, he is still the best person, the best human being, the best American to be in charge of our country…Hillary is as crooked and part of the establishment ugly as one can get…

          • You might as well be banging your head against a wall. There’s no way desertspeaks is going to get it. Polling and telemarketing firms have about a 5% completion rate so in order to get 50,000 responses you would need to make 1 million calls. They didn’t and the poll is completely fake.

          • so you, like squattingdog, make extraordinary claims which will require you to produce extraordinary evidence proving your claims.
            this should be good! can’t wait to eviscerate your evidence!

          • That happens to be the average for the professional polling industry (and yes I could provide links but you’d just claim they were lies told by the MSM or some other crap) but if you want to dispute it that’s fine. What percentage of calls do you think result in a completed poll?

          • so you can’t actually substantiate anything you’ve said, which means you’re a liar! Sorry links aren’t evidence of a damn thing! I ASKED YOU FOR YOUR EVIDENCE, not for you to regurgitate someone else’s OPINION!~ or your OPINION!

          • Since you seem unable to accept anything as evidence and reject even basic logic, it would seem to end the conversation. I assume I’ll see you at President Trump’s inauguration. Will you be sitting in the same seat you used for President Romney’s inaugural or President McCain?

          • I agree with Non Sec. This comment thread has probably generated more hours of energy than the amount it took to write the fake story, about data that doesn’t exist, and is not linked to anywhere. I don’t know how well Trump is or isn’t doing, and it wouldn’t surprise me if some of the polling agencies are putting their thumb on the scale — but this is Nothing.

          • There are many hundreds of reputable investigative news outlets who not only don’t enjoy air in the so-called mainstream, but are viciously attacked, criminally investigated on bogus charges and worse, because their stories expose the official narrative as little more than rank propaganda. The term “Mainstream Media” are well-connected, government-approved organizations doing the bidding of global powers-that-be, very much to the detriment of regular folks, like you and me.
            Trump’s seeming massive appeal belies the “official” polls. What explains this phenomena? “Figures will not lie, but liars will figure.” Any rational discussion about public opinion polls MUST include the questions going in as well as the results. All we get, though, are the “summaries” shouted from the rooftops by the aforementioned “Mainstream”.

          • LOL mainstream media doesn’t indulge in fringe theories? That’s a laugh! It’s clear that the media is completely skewed against Trump, including framing Hillary’s rallies so they don’t show how empty they truly are, and I say that as a liberal. Trump is drawing 15,000 plus per rally, and Hillary can’t even draw 1000.

          • Polling companies are paid for accuracy. If their work is not accurate, future customers go somewhere else. That’s why the “unskewed” polling groups just pop up and then disappear. You know that, but it annoys you to have to accept it as the truth.

          • Shut your mouth, and crawl back under your bridge troll. You’ve been outed as just another lying hypocritical bigoted liberal racist.

          • FUCKING LOL @ why some media is “main stream”.
            They are mainstream because of who owns the very existence of public communication, you twat.

          • That’s because you probably live in some hellhole like Alabama, where Clinton will lose by the same margin Trump is losing in the nation at large. Clinton is now within 6% points of Trump in Texas, and within 4% points of Trump in Georgia. If Trump is going to have to defend places like that, he certainly won’t be expanding his path through the Electoral College.

          • oh great news today the house looking to charge hiilary with perjury she is such a good person i dont know why the investigations wont stop it must be because shes a woman lmao

          • No it’s not. The Republicans sent a butthurt letter to the DOJ asking for a review to determine if Clinton committed perjury before the committee. What do you really think the chances of that turning into a criminal investigation, much less a prosecution, really are?

          • I’m also interested in those “verified crimes” by Clinton. You’ve had well over 25 years to come up with something, but it just never seems to happen. Why is that?

          • simple, 18 USC 2071 (b).. bet you’ve never heard of it!
            Do you recall that hillary wiped her servers and admitted to destroying public record?? I’ll presume you’ll deny this Well, under 18 USC 2071 (b) she is disqualified from holding any office under the United States BECAUSE she destroyed government documents.. oh fyi violating 2071 (b) is a felony!
   < here is comey & gowdy talking about clintons destruction of public records to which she testified to under oath doing!
            18 USC 1001 you've probably never heard of that either!
            Violating this too is a felony! She committed perjury when she testified under oath in front of a congressional hearing!
            Need actual proof, no problem. Here we have gowdy & comey, where comey admits clinton lied under oath to a congressional hearing
            Is that enough or do you choose to remain willfully ignorant and refuse to do your own research with your head firmly ensconced within your posterior??
            Oh look, I came up with TWO VERIFIED FELONIES in two minutes! One of which disqualifies her from EVER holding any office under the United States!

          • Verified crimes would be those for which she has been charged and convicted. All you have are allegations, none of which the FBI investigation supported. When you have something more, come on back.

          • Oh so because someone is protecting her SHE DIDN’T COMMIT THE CRIMES?? Take your head out of your ass.. or is that prerequisite to being an ONLINE SHILL!?!? We both know you didn’t even watch the videos!! THE TRUTH BURNS SO YOU CAN’T BE SUBJECTED TO IT!

          • Like I wrote before, if you have something that might be actual proof of any crimes, I’m sure the Department of Justice or the House Oversight Committee would love to see it. More likely, you’re just another crackpot making some wild-eyed rants.

          • the actual proof is her own testimony where she admits to the crimes listed 18 usc 2071 (b) and 18 USC 1001
            You are out of gas shill boy!

          • There is no proof of intent, which is exactly what Comey has already told you. You’ve got some strange fixation. Do you masturbate with a picture of Clinton?

          • I enjoy shutting them down.. notice it’s been 17 minutes with no reply because he has no answer, i’m right and he damn well knows it!
            Normally he takes 4 min on average to spew his talking points.

          • We are all presumed innocent of any criminal charge until it is proven beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law. An accused felon is nothing more than a citizen awaiting trial.

          • Not at all. When the FBI conducts an investigation, they certainly look at all of the statutes that might apply to the case. Clearly, the FBI did not find evidence sufficient to make them believe there were any statutes violated that would warrant criminal charges. That’s exactly what Comey testified to before the congressional committee doing their post-game show.

          • I worked in it for over 30 years myself, and worked with the FBI on quite a few public corruption cases. I don’t know what your experience is, but I’m confident you never investigated a public corruption or national security case.

          • I have no choice with you, since you want to claim authority at the same time you try for a little one-upsmanship. 1811 or 1801?

          • didn’t you know, his rules don’t apply to him.. he gets to jump to conclusions and make extraordinary claims that he holds the world to but they just don’t apply to him!

          • wait, are you making EXTRAORDINARY CLAIMS AGAIN?? because we all know, that requires extraordinary evidence.. WHERE IS YOUR EXTRAORDINARY EVIDENCE THAT PROVES YOUR EXTRAORDINARY CLAIM??

          • Oh, using your own tactics of demanding extraordinary evidence proving extraordinary claims that YOU MADE is now GIBBERISH??

          • She has been proven guilty, beyond a reasonable doubt — just not in a corrupted court system, where she is above the law. The proof lies in the facts, which are plainly displayed before anyone that looks into them. Wikileaks emails alone from her private server, the 30,000 deleted emails, and the lies she told about them in congressional testimony, are Facts. We also have a completely corrupt system that won’t charge or convict her either, but that fact doesn’t negate the earlier set.

          • Paid Troll, or brainwashed person? Either way, you will be immune to that information, if it were presented for you. If you actually wanted to know — you have the internet, so… your ignorance is a Choice that you continue to make. No one else can disabuse you of it without your consent, and the day you decide to become informed, you won’t need anyone to help.

          • “the msm”? As if there is one. And they all collude. Yes, I can see it now…Fox News and MSNBC meeting in a back room and deciding they’re both going to perpetuate the same lie. Yup.

        • Nope. No, you are not a statistics fan. At all. I am a statistician, and you are definitely not one of us. DonNeedNoStinkinUserName was right. You are Clinton fan.
          Add that to your crazy responses in this chain, and it appears you are a wacko as well.

          • If you’re really a statistician, please explain how you would get a “balanced” data sample of this size from all 50 states with only 13 people.

          • I am.
            Also I don’t work for free. If you cant figure it out, I don’t really care, I just chalk you up as a waste of time.
            but for giggles, here is my current status:
            “A dork with a calculator and a desire for extrapolation math using multivariate and trending models, to run stats and insight where others are blind.”
            Now I believe the term is go F u rself repeatedly.
            Begin when ready. We will all count.

          • Ha, ha, ha. If that’s true then you should easily see the multiple problems with this so called poll. The fact that you can’t shows that you are full of shit.

          • You can believe in the tooth fairy for all I care, doesn’t make you right, and doesn’t make you less of an idiot. You have failed at simple logic today, maybe a trend you should track. Run the regression model to see if it is a factor greater than the standard deviation. Good luck in life. You will need it.

          • Please say more while I am drinking. I actually am masturbating to your parents decision to keep you. You are really getting me off. Your stupidity is actually helping me see the connection between apes and man. More and try to insult me some more. Makes me sooo wet. I really wish you could pull my hair. F uck…………………

    • Very suspect anyone could call 50K voters. Even if you assume it is true the methodology is bogus. They weighted all 50 states the same in the sample pool. But in elections the states do not get equal weight. You have to win ten red states in flyover country to equal the electoral college votes of California alone. So this methodology weighted the respondents in Wyoming the same as New York and Texas. Says nothing about what will happen in November. Basically, the only states that matter come nov are FL, OH and PA.

    • It would take about 5 minutes to do a poll. Assume you spend another 5 minutes getting a live person on the phone who is willing to do the survey and it takes about 10 minutes to get a response. With 13 pollsters ( as stated in the article ), you could get 78 responses in an hour.
      So they could reasonably do a state or so a day, in a very long day, unless they had additional people doing the phoning. If you get 30 pollsters you could do a state every 5 hours or so. Still I do see some problems with this post and although I detest Hillary Clinton I doubt she is polling at 19%.
      Still I do wonder if the MSM polls are being done without some bias towards the MSM’s candidate.

      • Most polling is not done by the MSM. They sometimes pay for polls and then slap their names on them, but polling is a technical specialty done by professional pollsters.

    • Take your head out of where the sun doesn’t shine. The MSM has rigged the polls for sometime. It’s obvious Shrillary is not drawing crowds, no press conferences, and is a medical/mental mess.


    • What’s your opinion of the Zip app, that claims to generate its statistical analysis off posted questions and answer on its social site and projects Trump winning in a landslide?

    • As a social scientist I can assure you it is very easy.
      It is almost as easy as the “Phone a Friend” method of the Illuminati NWO who present Hillary Clinton, who can’t kill a microbus, as being ahead of the man who is filling arenas all over America.
      BTW what part of the dog skips?

  2. The poll is flawed. California has many times the voters that Montana, Idaho, Alaska, Dakotas, and Iowa combined. The populated areas vote for Democrats, the less populated areas votes for Republicans. The battle is in the suburbs. This poll over counts the less populated states.

    • If the sample was: a) large enough and b) random then the conclusion is correct – it doesn’t matter how many voters there are in a given area. The result is given as the percentage of sampled voters picking each candidate out of the sampled population. It’s not hard.

      • it’s not a random sample. It’s a cluster sample that weights low populated states much too highly, compared with more populous states. It’s also highly suspect. If the author were a graduate student, as he/she claims to be — then the quality of their graduate methods class is astonishingly bad.

        • According to his Facebook page: His “graduate work” is from an online for profit college and his area of study is religious studies.
          His day job appears to be as an “Avon cosmetics” sales rep.

    • Also… insuring the poll is “balanced” 1/3rd, 1/3rd, 1/3rd is something no pollster would ever do. The population is not split that way, and party is merely a preference , i.e. one of the things a poll is supposed to measure.
      Ignoring that the numbers cited are impossible, even as a description of a fake poll, these guys were incompetent derps.

  3. …and this is why Reuters/Ipsos changed their polling methodology DURING THE CAMPAIGN — clearly most Independent voters are leaning heavily toward Trump…

  4. There are millions of Democrats who never bothered to change their party registration but who always vote Republican in the fall.For decades in Hudson County,registered Republicans had their cars ticketed incessantly for any violations.

  5. Considering this is called “Investment Watch Blog,” I got a GREAT, no a TREMENDOUS investment opportunity. Odds makers will pay you $4 for every $1 you bet if Trump wins. Totally legal bets! You can make a fortune! If this poll is real, isn’t it time to put some skin in the game and get rich?

  6. I’m still undecided because Trump cherishes Israel, he seems to want to control the fed fraud instead of abolishing it, he hasn’t mentioned word one about the hemp prohibition, that’s establishment all the way!

  7. This is an honest poll compared to the ones the Left media is trying desperately to infiltrate in our minds. Do not believe the polls, they were doing the same before when Trump was running for the nomination and now desperation and panic has set in the Left and the media which has chosen their maleficent mistress as their chosen one is doubling down on doing all they can to get her elected. WE will keep on posting the truth…

  8. Do the math ? If 13 people shared this task equally they would each need to make 3846 calls.
    Allowing the ENTIRE “most of two weeks” would mean 274 calls per team member per day.
    Even with (8) hours a day for all 13 volunteer pollsters devoted to the effort (highly UNLIKELY), this would still mean 34 SUCCESSFUL POLLING calls per hour would need to be completed by each of them!
    Then let’s consider the ratio of people declining to participate, versus those who agree. I estimate that at at least 2-3 will be decliners for every person who completes the poll.
    Now consider that it likely takes a average of at least 2-3 dialing attempts to actually connect with the intended persons whose names are on on the voter lists.
    So, we are looking at having to select and dial roughly 120 to 180 numbers per hour to connect with 34 people willing to take the poll.
    This would mean that between 1/3 and 1/2 of each hour gets wasted on calling effort that does NOT produce any successful polling results.
    Factoring in how many call attempts it takes to get one single, actually 100% valid poll call result, and considering number of topics asserted to have been covered in these calls, my B.S, meter is totally pegged in the RED ZONE for this posting!!!
    The asserted rate of 34 successful poll calls needed per hour would really need to be done in just the the 30-40 minutes left after the poll decline calls and the persons not reached calling time was subtracted.
    This means the time available for every successful call – both intro & asking FOUR SEPARATE poll questions – was taking no longer than about ONE MINUTE. ? This is virtually IMPOSSIBLE!!

  9. I hate to say it, but for someone to call, get a real person on the phone, ask them 5 simple questions, it would take about 2 minutes… and THAT is if you actually got someone to answer. In reality, you’re lucky to get 10% of people to just answer the phone. that means that these “pollsters” would have to have made about 500,000 calls to get 50,000 respondents. Making a call and just seeing if someone would answer takes about 15 seconds (with an auto-dialer).
    With the generous assumption that every 10th call was a contact (someone that was willing to participate in the poll) and 9 other calls were unsuccessful, and with the estimate that another 45 seconds were added for the person calling to breathe, take a drink, whatever, every 10 calls, it would take about 5 minutes just to get ONE respondent.
    That’s 12 respondents per hour. 8 hours of work = 96 respondents. To get 50,000 respondents in 10 work days, it would take 50 callers.
    I think this article is bullshiite. The numbers and details given in the article just don’t add up.

  10. Fake poll to support a fake candidate so poor dumb people keep giving money to Trump. Trump then launders the money through his campaign and into his businesses. Trump gets to make a tidy sum for himself and he really doesn’t give a shit about all the white trailer trash who think he’s their savior!

  11. This Poll Reflects Exactly what American’s are thinking and who they are Voting for ….
    I live in a Lib state and Hillary is Despised and Not talked about Nicely at all ….
    Trump will Win in a Landslide this November ……
    I appreciate the Time and Effort these American’s took to get an Accurate Reflection of What American’s are Truly Feeling ……..

  12. Certainly you don’t believe a word of this right?
    Professional pollsters know that to get a single response usually requires between 8 and ten calls. So to get 50,000 responses, these people had to have called around 400,000 people. Assuming they called for 12 hours a day, seven days a week, that’s about 200 man weeks of polling (198.5 to be exact). With 13 people to do the work (as they claim), this would have taken about 3.5 months, meaning they have been polling since April… rending most of the poll obsolete before it was even done.
    You believe the dumbest stuff.

    • With the rise of cell phones caller ID, voicemail and text messaging even fewer people answer their phones than they used to. My understanding is that the average completion rate for the industry is now about 5%. So 50,000 successful calls would require closer to 1 million call attempts.

  13. This is hilarious snake oil. Some people here are splitting hairs about methodology(or lack of) but really are missing the biggest fiction. Buying 50,000 accurate phone numbers of registered voters (if 100% of the people you called completed the poll, so more like 500,000ish numbers) would have cost a small fortune.

  14. Even the L.A. Times editor, Evan Vucci of AP, attested that there is no validity any longer to anything the Left media says, it is no longer reporting the truth and they are biased to the point of fabricating news for their Democrats. The polls are rigged by the Left and the news is rigged by the Left. Johnson in the ’64, a Democrat, fabricated a story against Goldwater which got him elected. The Left does has no morals or values and they play by their mantra ” do anything, say anything as long as it gets you elected” . Dirty and underhanded they get elected with lies, fraud and all other vices they can find to get votes, to get elected for their power grab.
    Did you know that in N.Carolina in only 4 Democrat controlled counties they found over 2000 voters that were more than 110 years old…? And, they vote by proxy, and, two which are over 150 years old already voted…?

  15. The Hillary trolls in this group are posting all nonsense… they know that both them, their DNC party, the media that supports them all LIE…! The last good Democrat president was Kennedy, and he was killed. Was it the same establishment that now does not want to have Trump elected… ? We do not know for sure and will not know, but the ugly behind the scenes do not want a real American to be elected, someone not in their degenerate club, they want their puppets their degenerate politician to be in power. Trump is still the better person, the better human being, and if the trolls would actually look behind their stupidity they would vote for America, they would vote for Trump.

  16. “our poll is by taking registered voter lists and we accumulated 33% repub, 33% dems and 34% ind”
    This is how you can tell the entire exercise is a lie. 19 states don’t have partisan registration – you don’t register for a particular party. They’d know that if they hadn’t just made this up.

  17. So you polled exactly 1,000 people in each state. That means that in your poll, Wyoming (pop 584,000) and California (pop 38,800,000) have the same amount of representation. Are you guys retarded, or is this just some kind of joke.

    • Most likely it’s all a hoax. By any reasonable calculation there’s no way they could have made enough calls to actually get 50k responses. And, yes there are massive problems with their methodology even if they could have made the calls.

  18. You would have to be a complete moron to believe this poll was even run it would be invalid just because the population is not spliy evenly between dem gop indy making the sample that way would make it less valid not more valid. And their little bs website could not possibly call 50k people in 2 weeks more likely they narrowed it down to 100 people that were also seen cheering at trump rallies and still only got 67%

  19. My gut tells me this is true as well. I mean, why would any sane person vote for woman that clearly abused her position for personal gain and indeed should be jailed instead of allowed to run for our nations highest office. 🙂

  20. What is truly amazing to me is that for all the conspiracy theories spouted on here none of you seem to be able to see the Clintons playbook right in front of you. Just as Bill Clinton managed in 92 and 96, Hilary is doing again this year but with an unexpected twist. The plan was to inject Trump as a third party candidate to split the republican vote and ensure a Clinton victory (just like with Perot). No one expected Trump to actually win the nomination, so now he’s doing everything he can to throw the election and profit from the campaign money he raises in the process. He is duping all of you!

    • that oddly sounds like you have irrefutable evidence that you can attest to the veracity of proving your claim, right?? Or is this yet another story you’ve pulled out of your ass along with your 5% answer rate for polls?


    • Somehow I don’t think my complete lack of defense for Clinton is going to earn me much. My only interest here is pointing out the staggering degree of math illiteracy amongst Trump supporters. And their gullibility when given polls that tell them what they want to hear.
      I don’t particularly care for Clinton but Trump is an absolute clown and his followers are fools.

  22. Non Sec…A fitting name;
    Simple Definition of non sequitur
    : a statement that is not connected in a logical or clear way to anything said before it
    Or… perhaps it just stands for Nonsense.

  23. 50,000 polled / 13 grad students = 3,846 calls per person.
    Phone call takes about 10 minutes including dialing, questions, and recording responses afterwards.
    10min * 3,846 calls = 38,460 minutes = 641 hours on the phone.
    Given time needed to sleep and eat each day, and that some time is wasted on calls that don’t pick up or aren’t willing to participate, have at most 8 hours / day of solid call time.
    641 / 8 = 80 days
    It would take 13 people working nonstop for 80 days straight doing nothing but being on the phone in order to poll 50,000. Does this pass a sanity check for you?

    • Bonni: even if the poll wasn’t fake, it’s basically useless now since the survey would be at least a month old. A month of Trump saying stupid things is an eternity in politics.

  24. And while your there voting on this poll, you might see another poll there;Do You Agree With Trump That Obama Is Guilty Of Treason To America? 95% say YES

  25. Guess this explains why Hillary can’t fill up a post office with supporters and Trump has to rent stadiums filled to capacity, the only reason media is doing this is they intend to help Hitlary steal the election from Trump.. Hitlary hires supporters, Trump has to refuse access to thousands at every event.. It’s soo obvious!

          • You will see. Polls said Carter wasn’t going to win and look what happened.
            Last November 4, 2014, polls said the DIMs would mop the floor with the republicans for the senate. What was it Joe Manchin called it the next day? Oh yes he said, “it was an ayse whuppin!”

          • If you’re referring to 1976 the polls at this point had Ford way behind, Ford did close the gap somewhat but not enough. If you’re talking about 1980 the polls showed only a tiny lead for Carter which eroded quickly.
            Neither case is a good analogue for this year. Same with 2014, since mid term elections are notoriously low turnout.

          • Since you haven’t actually provided any data, I’m guessing you’re referring to yourself there?
            I’ll give you one last morsel of reality and then you can go back to watching pro wrestling or MMA or whatever: No candidate in the history of modern polling has had the deficit that Trump has at this point after the conventions and gone on to win the election. I’m not saying it couldn’t happen but history would indicate that Trump’s goose is cooked.

  26. So we have a copy+paste of a Facebook post and a message board for a source (which ALSO is a copy+paste of an alleged Facebook post). No link to the actual purported poll, its data – nothing.
    Yeah, I’m going to go with labeling this post “probably garbage.”

  27. So we’re supposed to believe that either 100% of the 50,000 people polled actually gave an answer, or that at least 86% of them did.
    Both is totally out of this world for a phone poll.
    Note they don’t say they got 50,000 people answering but that they made 50,000 calls, so they can’t spin this as “we didn’t count those who didn’t want to participate”.

  28. Polling the same number of people in each state and calculating straight percentages while ignoring the number of electoral votes for each state gives meaningless results. What are the percentages for each state? That would potentially have meaning.

  29. Could you inform me when you began working to complete this poll? The “two weeks” language is confusing. Did it take two weeks to set up your sample or two weeks to set up and call?
    Edit: It looks like many people have this question. The answer should be prompt and verifiable to confirm the accuracy of this poll.

  30. I’d like to believe this poll, but I’ll need to see some very specific methodology, sampling process, and detailed links to the entity involved. Anyone can simply submit a post, via any blog, with the details above.

    • I realize it’s confusing for the undereducated and math challenged, since the title says the word poll, but this isn’t an actual scientific poll with a valid sample. These same sort of online voting “polls” showed John Kerry way ahead against GWB, but that didn’t mean a thing on Election Day.

  31. That’s what I suspected, thanks to those folks for doing the leg work to prove what I believed. Trump is resonating with the people and Hillary is going down like a lead balloon despite all the media spin the Libtards have somehow coerced them into providing.
    Stay the course and let’s not be swayed by the so called alternates who would ruin our chance TO MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

    • What’s amazing here is that you’re being lied to, and you’re happy about that because it’s what you want to hear. The sad part is that this lie of a poll is so obviously a fraud, that if it was telling you that Clinton was winning you’d be screaming about how it’s obviously fake.

      • Well, thanks for exposing yourself TROLL! You’re the one lost in the dark, living under a rock. Trump is filling stadiums for his rallies and Shillary can barely fill a Starbucks. If there were any justice in this world she’d be in prison already, and if you can’t see that then your even more stupid than I imagined.

        • Oh dear! Math is just so hard for you people isn’t it. Trump can fill all the stadiums he wants but that’s only a tiny amount of the votes he needs. There’s really no relationship between rallies and votes.

  32. Right, a group with an extensive endorsement list of extreme right wing candidates produced a poll with numbers completely out of whack with every other poll out there across the ideological spectrum. from the extreme nazi-esque Breitbart and Fox “news” to the liberal MSNBC. I’m surprised there are dumb people believing this.

    • This is a fake poll and you’re extremely gullible if you actually believe it. Trump is unlikely to win, but even if he does it won’t be by a landslide.

  33. I hope it wasn’t too much effort to poll the 50,000 people. If you just look at the red/blue map of the US and count the states, you’ll see that most of them are conservative and Trump might win more than half of the states, as your poll indicates. But, each states does not have the same number of electoral votes, and the liberal Blue states have more population, despite being fewer in number. The Blue states total far more electoral votes than the Red states, showing the difficulty Republicans have in winning the white house. If you limited your poll to the battleground states, you’d have a much better predictor of who will win. As it is, you have a prediction that Trump will win more states, which is possible, but won’t allow him to win unless he wins the more populous states.
    It’s also possible you didn’t waste your time actually taking the poll, which is probably for the best since you didn’t really think carefully about how you took the poll or interpreted the results.

  34. There needs to be much more detail provided, demographics, urban or rural, has the data been reviewed by anyone? I could write a blog post on some nearly anonymous blog site and make all kinds of claims, it won’t make any of them true, besides, look at any of the other posts, this is an amateur version of Alex Jones’ Info Wars…

  35. Without the statistical confidence level and margin or error I question the results…..not that I don’t like the results……but come on man…… least be competent when doing statistical analysis………..

  36. I am skeptical as well about this poll. It seems they would be a little more forthcoming with the total results. I tend to agree with the Dewey/Truman theory. 50K is a lot no doubt. But until we know what their background and economic status, intercity, rural, religion, age and race. I am not sure we can say this is an accurate poll. Large numbers unto themselves do not always represent the total.
    I too wish this to be true. Lets hope that the real numbers are pushing in Trumps Favor. To be sure I think the polls are not including the silent majority. To be clear, only 50% of the American people vote in an election. We might see that number move north, if finally enough people are feed up with he current Government.
    Ultimately we know that God is in charge and his ways are unknown to us. We know from history those who fall away from God are always given the Government they deserve.
    God Bless

  37. Polls can easily be manipulated to express what someone wants to see.
    In terms of the media, I would not believe their polls.
    Anyone who took statistics in college and recall how polls work, they know it can easily express an outcome in favor of your choice.

  38. Anyone remember “Unskewed Polls” that rose to popularity in 2012 and quickly went out of business after the election because they were dead wrong? The only reason five thirty eight is doing so well is because of their track record. They would be out of business if they were always wrong.

  39. So where’s the raw data? What was your polling method? What questions were asked? Who was polled and how were they selected? What’s your margin of error? This isn’t a poll, its propaganda.

    I made a poll on FB re: voters under 35 who would they vote for out of the 4 running. Only 10 people took the poll, 20% for Trump 10% for Clinton ,70% for Stein, 0% for Johnson. Sooooo, I could put out there that 70% of people under 35 would vote for Jill Stein when in fact, only 10 people took the poll. All these polls from all different media can be very misleading. It doesn’t take many people to make a poll. If they are just polling dems or older Americans for Clinton,of course she will be ahead, vise versa for Trump, if they poll just Repubs and Indy’s.. Most of these polls are not including under 35! It’s all rigged, this whole election is a farce and let’s not forget in 1948……

  41. Did you people take this article seriously? I have this to say to these so called pollsters. Good luck in “grad school”. You will need luck with those grammar skills.

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