by Mad Kelly

I’m unvaccinated and I’m pretty sure I’ve had covid.

The original version which made me pretty sick, before tests were available.

If not covid, then it was some mystery virus 2 years ago that wiped me out for the first time ever. I was almost knocked over by this virus. I took antibiotics which I assume helped as my lungs remained clear.

I was sleeping at least 18 hours a day. Really sleeping. Almost comma sleeping. I’d sleep for like 12 hours get up to go to the loo and then be straight back to bed, stuffed, and sleep on. Literally, all I did was shit, shower, stuff food in my mouth and sleep. It lasted three weeks. Returning every ten days getting milder and milder till it finally went away about six months later.

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So, I decided, I’ve had covid and that was that.

So, now two years later, I get this mystery virus which is similar. Started in a similar way with sore throat and ears and an overwhelming fatigue but no head cold. Difference was the back of my lungs down low hurt and I thought, shit am I getting pneumonia?

I decided to just do as my body wanted and sleep. Sleeping 20 hors a day for days. The pain in my back faded away and I thought I was feeling better but still feel weak as and are feverish. I don’t usually get a fever. Now I’m bringing up green shit from my lungs like they’re clearing out the crap. I don’t think there is much in there.

So, what do you think? I’ve never had a bug target my lungs like this. Go straight for my lungs.


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