New York Times Begins Propaganda Campaign In Attempt To Sanitize George Soros Ahead Of Midterm Elections

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After a huge infusion of cash from George Soros, the New York Times began a series of articles and videos attempting to show George Soros not for the villain that he is, but as a ‘misunderstood philanthropist’ unfairly maligned by ‘right wing extremists’

George Soros reads as the perfect arch-villain from Central Casting from the Hollywood movies of old. He is obscenely wealthy in the billions, he loves to destroy world financial markets, he was born a Jew but collaborated with Nazis to steal from the Jews in WWII, and now he wants to control American politics.

For many years, George Soros operated well below the radar, using his billions to create agitator front groups in the United States so he could influence events without it being linked back to him. Soros money is behind ANTIFA, Black Lives Matter and many such similar groups. But relentless reporting from sites like NTEB and others have had the effect of outing Soros and brought his nefarious deeds to light.

Democrats and Far Left Liberals are the recipients of his funding, and in fact, George Soros recently purchased $3,000,000.00 in stock holdings of the New York Times. So is it any wonder that now the NYT has begun publishing videos and articles that attempt to show Soros in a positive light, and cast the people who expose him for the evil he truly is as ‘conspiracy nuts’ and ‘right wing extremists’?

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Hate to break it to you, New York Times, but the 63,000,000 million that voted for Donald Trump, who will vote straight Red in the Midterms, and who will vote for him again in 2020, are wide awake and ready for battle. Your ridiculous attempt to try and clean up George Soros, one of the most evil people in recent memory, will amount to exactly zero. The old Gray Lady doesn’t wield the power she once did, and is certainly no match for MAGA keyboard warriors.

Watch as the New York Times tries to sanitize Soros

Now see for yourself who George Soros really is

FROM THE WASHINGTON FREE BEACON: Liberal billionaire George Soros purchased $3 million worth of stock holdings in the publisher of the New York Times, filings show. Soros’s stock buy included 126,400 shares in the New York Times Company through Soros Fund Management LLC, the billionaire’s New York City-based investment firm. The shares were valued at $3,046,000 at the time of purchase and are shown in a May 15 filing to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The acknowledgment of the purchase in the mid-May filings from Soros Fund Management appears to be the first time that Soros has invested in the New York Times Company in more than ten years. Soros’s fund last reported shares in the company on its 2007 year-end report to the SEC, according to a review of the fund’s quarterly reports.

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Dan Gainor, vice president of business and culture at the Media Research Center, said that while the investment is small in relation to the company’s overall value, it would be “naive” to “disconnect” the investment from one of the most powerful liberals.

“Soros has long had influence or given direct funding to a wide range of journalism operations from NPR to ProPublica,” Gainor said. “This is still a big step to be buying a $3-million stake in the top liberal outlet in America.” READ MORE


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