Newly Found Megalithic Ruins In Russia Contain The Largest Blocks Of Stone Ever Discovered

By Michael Snyder
Mount Shoria
An incredible discovery that was recently made in Russia threatens to shatter conventional theories about the history of the planet.  On Mount Shoria in southern Siberia, researchers have found an absolutely massive wall of granite stones.  Some of these gigantic granite stones are estimated to weigh more than 3,000 tons, and as you will see below, many of them were cut “with flat surfaces, right angles, and sharp corners”.  Nothing of this magnitude has ever been discovered before.  The largest stone found at the megalithic ruins at Baalbek, Lebanon is less than 1,500 tons.  So how in the world did someone cut 3,000 ton granite stones with extreme precision, transport them up the side of a mountain and stack them 40 meters high?  According to the commonly accepted version of history, it would beimpossible for ancient humans with very limited technology to accomplish such a thing.  Could it be possible that there is much more to the history of this planet than we are being taught?
For years, historians and archaeologists have absolutely marveled at the incredibly huge stones found at Baalbek.  But some of these stones in Russia are reportedly more than twice the size.  Needless to say, a lot of people are getting very excited about this discovery.  The following comes from a Mysterious Universe article

Alternate history buffs are about to be whipped into a frenzy!  OK, maybe not, but they will find this interesting.
An ancient “super-megalithic” site has been found in the Siberian Mountains.  Found recently in Gornaya Shoria (Mount Shoria) in southern Siberia, this site consists of huge blocks of stone, which appear to be granite, with flat surfaces, right angles, and sharp corners.  The blocks appear to be stacked, almost in the manner of cyclopean masonry, and well…they’re enormous!
Russia is no stranger to ancient megalithic sites, like Arkaim or Russia’s Stonehenge, and the Manpupuner formation, just to name two, but the site at Shoria is unique in that, if it’s man-made, the blocks used are undoubtedly the largest ever worked by human hands.

When I say that this is a new discovery, I am not kidding.  In fact, the very first expedition to study these stones happened just a few months ago.  Prior to this expedition, there were no known photographs of these megalithic stones.  Archaeologist John Jensen is mystified by these ancient ruins, and the following is an excerpt from a post on his personal blog

The super megaliths were found and photographed for the first time by Georgy Sidorov on a recent expedition to the Southern Siberian mountains. The following images are from Valery Uvarov’s Russian website.
There are no measurements given, but from the scale depicted by the human figures, these megaliths are much larger (as much as 2 to 3 times larger) than the largest known megaliths in the world. (Example: The Pregnant Woman Stone of Baalbek, Lebanon weighs in at approximately 1,260 ton). Some of these megaliths could easily weigh upwards of 3,000 to 4,000 tons.

Below, I have posted some of the images that he was referring to.  As you can see, they are absolutely stunning…
Russian Megalthic Ruins Discovered 1
Russian Megalthic Ruins Discovered 6
Russian Megalthic Ruins Discovered 7
Russian Megalthic Ruins Discovered 8
Mount Shoria 2
Another very unusual thing about these stones is that they caused the compasses of the researchers to start behaving very strangely.
The following is an excerpt from a story on a Russian news source

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Some events that were happening during the autumn expedition could probably be called mystical. The compasses of the geologists behaved very strangely, for some unknown reason their arrows were deviating from the megaliths. What could this mean? All that was clear was that they came across an inexplicable phenomenon of the negative geomagnetic field. Could this be a remnant of ancient antigravity technologies?

Of course much more research needs to be done on this site.
Nobody knows who cut these stones or how old they are.
Jensen believes that they come from a time “well back into the mists of pre-history”

These megaliths reach well back into the mists of pre-history, so far in fact, that conjecture about their ‘builders’, methods, purpose and meaning is pure speculation, and as such, I would hesitate to offer any observation at all, other than to say our pre-historical past is richer than we ever dreamed.

These stones are likely to remain an unsolved mystery for a very long time.
But what is abundantly clear is that according to the commonly accepted version of history they should not be there.
And of course this is far from the only site around the world that contains massive megalithic ruins.  Perhaps the most famous are the megalithic ruins at Baalbek, Lebanon…
Baalbek Stone
The following is some information about Baalbek from one of my previous articles…

The ancient city of Baalbek is one of the greatest archaeological mysteries of all time. Located east of the Litani River in the Bekaa Valley of Lebanon, Baalbek is world famous for its exquisitely detailed yet monumentally scaled Roman temple ruins. In Roman times, Baalbek was known as Heliopolis (after the sun god) and it contained some of the largest and most notable Roman temples ever built. In fact, the Romans had constructed an extraordinary temple complex in Baalbek consisting of three separate temples – one for Jupiter, one for Bacchus and one for Venus. But what these Roman temples were built on top of is much more important. These Roman temples were actually built on top of an ancient 5 million square foot platform that was made from some of the largest stones ever used in any construction project in the history of the earth.  In fact, the largest stone found near the Baalbek ruins weighs approximately 1200 tons and is about 64 feet long.  To put that in perspective, that is the equivalent of approximately 156 full size African elephants.
How people in ancient times were able to move such massive stones is a complete mystery.  In fact, these giant construction stones were stacked so closely together that you can’t even fit a piece of paper between many of them.  Many of the architectural feats found at Baalbek cannot even be duplicated with 21st century technology.
So how did they do it?
How did they move such massive stones to create a structure of such intricate precision?
Keep in mind that the base of the Baalbek ruins alone weighs approximately 5 billion tons.

Evidence continues to mount that very sophisticated technology was used in the ancient world.
These megalithic ruins are undeniable reminders of highly advanced ancient civilizations.
So who were they and what happened to them?
Could it be possible that they were wiped out by a massive global cataclysm such as a global flood?
Please feel free to share what you think by posting a comment below…
About the author: Michael T. Snyder is a former Washington D.C. attorney who now publishes The Truth. His new thriller entitled “The Beginning Of The End” is now available on


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    • This is what the troops represent to me…Killing innocent victims, putting their orders before their brothers. Not having regard for children, women, men, who were of no threat in any conceivable way. Torturing those who have nothing to confess, destroying the lives of thousands to try and fill the emptiness inside their own pathetic hearts…they are a layer of scum I want to see wiped clean.

  1. When a stone makes a compass spin, it is silly to go off about “mystical” properties. There many places in the world where magnetite and other ores cause the same effect.

  2. The true histories have been altered so many times by “the victors” that no one knows the truth anymore. I most certainly would not be attributing these stones to “mystical” forces or “ancient” astronaut from other worlds. Man has survived in highly intelligent capacities on this Earth and risen and fallen over millions of years, not hundreds or only tens of thousands.

    • Millions of years? LMAO! Next you will tell us that magical shape shifting fish turned into birds, reptiles and mammals. Idiots will repeat anything they are told.

        • All evidence must be interpreted. There is plenty of evidence to suggest the earth is young but being brainwashed like you think you aren’t, won’t let you accept facts to the contrary.

      • Y’know, you feeble brained Neanderthal, I didn’t speak rudely to anyone. I stated my opinion and left everyone else’s alone. If you are some kind of clairvoyant and you know the true history of man on this Earth other than your penchant to spew off rude epithets, please enlighten me. It appears that you are the idiot, and I guarantee that the likes of you survive only because of the anonymity of the internet.

        • Both of you are morons for insulting eachother, for all intensive purposes both of you are wrong cause none of you have true proof of either accusations of millions or thousands of years of history.. we cannot accurately trust ‘dating methods’ and therefore – for now, none of us will know the truth. but who gives a sh*t! if you want to believe you developed from an amoeba to a fish to a human, then thats what explains your lack of intelligence. If you want to believe we got here from another means, say a creator, id say you more intellectually developed than the average ‘fool’, whether that occurred 6000years ago or 6000000 years ago, no-one knows nor will ever know (atleast in our menial 4th dimensional existence) , and only a fool argues a point so strongly that even ‘he’ doesn’t know the answer to!

          • So, you’re saying that someone who blindly follows the idea that there’s a giant bearded man living in the sky, who dictates all that happens to humans, is smarter than someone who chooses to actually use their brains, and question a fairytale that has been written by humans, and changed over and over through the years by other humans? Right.. Okay.

          • Right… and your comment simply reeks of intelligence and the ability to think… NOT. It’s actually a classic example of typical Atheist narrow-mindedness and the inability to think laterally.
            God is not, contrary to popular depiction, a magical old man with a white beard that lives in the sky on a cloud. In fact the entire universe, which He created, cannot contain his full being or glory.
            God is eternal, and not subject to the linear time line that we are. He sees, and is present at, the beginning of time (which He created), the end thereof, and everything else in between simultaneously.
            God is not limited by size or dimension. He could observe both a galaxy and an atom, existing (in linear time) millions of years apart, at the exact same moment with both appearing the same size to Him.
            The most amazing thing is that the rebellious, opinionated, arrogant creature called “man” was created by God to be the crown of His creation. Had man not rebelled against God right from the get-go, all of creation would have been at our feet and we would have been in an absolute harmonious relationship with the eternal Creator.
            Thing is though, that God wants to restore man to the position He created him for in the beginning – and that’s the reason for Jesus Christ (or better put: Jesus, the Christ… “Christ” is not His surname, it means “Anointed One” or “King”).
            More about that later if you are interested at all…

          • So you’re as deluded as srsly. Atheists are incapable of (or perhaps allergic to) lateral thought, as has been proven over and over again through comments, arguments etc. You reject the Creator and worship the study of creation (the sciences).

          • Wrong, whats stupid is believing that Life created itself simply because yr desperate not to believe God is real. Please present an example of Life creating itself or admit, you have FAITH it happened.

          • Nice assertions you’ve got there. Care to back them up with any evidence? Anything? No? OK then. I counter with Thor. He’s true and if you don’t believe me then you’re just showing your inability to think ‘laterally’.

          • Thanks for the kind, gentle, cheek turning, Christ like reply. He must be proud of you. It may not be an original comment but we use it repeatedly because it’s a simple way of conveying the shallow nature and hollowness of your assertion that your particular deity is real. So, the question stands. Can you provide ANY evidence for what you assert because if not it carries no more weight than mine about Thor. And, if you can reply to the question rather than avoiding it with personal attacks on the questioner that would likely be more convincing and less likely to make people see you as a petulant asshole who simply lashes out when his unsubstantiated assertions are challenged . Thanks.

          • So first you lash out at me sarcastically about my “Christ like reply,” then you talk about my “shallow nature and hollowness of your assertion that your particular deity is real.” Could you make up your mind please? If you want evidence, how much time do you have, and how much do you feel like reading? I served as a Christian missionary (I state “Christian” so as not to be confused with a Mormon missionary or anything else) for several years, and on the mission field is where you mostly see the power of God at work. I have seen things that makes it completely impossible to refute the existence of God. In fact, I would have to be an absolute lobotomized moron if, after all that I had seen and experienced, I would still go about saying that God doesn’t exist. It would on the same level of someone who sees with his own eyes a pair of scissors cutting a piece of paper, then turns around and says he doesn’t believe in the existence of scissors. It’s that real, clear and simple. If you feel that I’ve been attacking and scathing in my comments, well so have you. But please forgive me if I’ve offended you – my zeal for God’s kingdom sometimes causes me to defend my faith un – um, how did you put it – Christ like.

          • Since I’m not a Christian I don’t have to behave in any particular way in order to get into some afterlife. I’m sorry you don’t understand the nature and definition of ‘evidence’. I have seen terrible things happen and you have seen good things so I guess your good things are evened out by my bad things and your ‘evidence of god’ is evened out by my ‘evidence of no god’. Neither good things nor bad can be offered as evidence. Your experiences are first person and apocryphal. I was asking for actual evidence. I think you have none. And your assertions were shallow and hollow. That is not an attack on you but on the nature of your assertions which, without actual evidence as opposed to “I saw things I couldn’t help but ascribe to a deity” help not a whit in terms of persuading others of the veracity of your arguments. I saw Superman in the flesh flying around. Are you convinced? No? See how that works? Assertions are no help. If you are convinced that’s fine. Just don’t expect anyone else to buy your stories as that’s all they are without actual evidence.

          • I wasn’t implying that you should be behaving in any particular way to get into some afterlife. In actual fact, no amount of behaving could get anyone into God’s kingdom – that’s a free gift based on faith in Christ. As for the afterlife, to either of the only two destinations – that’s a given, irrespective of your faith, belief, lack thereof or behaviour. As for evidence – I wasn’t trying to give any. I was simply stating my personal experiences. And by the way, your words “don’t expect anyone else to buy your stories as that’s all they are without actual evidence” – they cut both ways. Prove to me that God doesn’t exist. Careful though – a learned guy who set out to do just that wound up meeting God in the process… and is a dedicated Christian today.

          • The evidence is in yr face everyday but you see what you want to see. You’ve convinced yrself that Life can create itself and that anyone who doesn’t believe that illogical unscientific fantasy is “brainwashed”.

          • …look outside your window, there is your proof… …your argument is invalidated by your own words… …prove to me there is No God.

          • Another hypocrite. Ignores God his whole life until he wants to mock Him or Christians. Please present an example of Life creating itself or admit that yr religion of evolution is a fraud.

          • God has appeared to various humans throughout time mosttly as a flaming fire which has left evidence on the earth sometimes it was to 1 person at a time, othertimes many seen his shining presence on mountain tops and heard his voice and this was recorded and the kicker He came down to earth to save his unworthy creation as a human by the name of Jesus,thor i dont believe managed this .

          • Really? And you have some evidence for this wild-ass assertion? Because I think you’re thinking of the Flying Spaghetti Monster who did THOSE things.

          • LMAO more fallacies. Why don’t you rail against Thor, Odin, or Allah? Because you know they are false. Atheists attack God desperately hoping that he doesn’t exist and they won’t have to answer for their misbegotten lives.

          • …so, what you are claiming it there was NOTHING, and from Nothing an explosion came about and created everything..? …m’kay… …know anything about quantum theory..? …+ from – is impossible.

          • What a pile of crap! You are saying that “GOD” is A) Omniscient, B) Omnipotent and C) Omni-present …answer me this A) Can GOD create a puzzle that he cannot solve? B) Can God create a rock that he can’t lift? and C) Can God be nowhere and somewhere at the same time? Obviously LOGIC and CRITICAL THINKING are not tools in your shed, but hey, I have to go, I have a meeting with the EASTER BUNNY! 😉

          • Your comment makes absolutely no sense. I wouldn’t mind replying if I knew what you’re on about. Before you question my logic and critical thinking, go do some very serious and hard thinking about your own assertions, then let’s talk. I’m off to bed now though… way past pumpkin time here.

          • Goodnight Phil! …..I was referring to the attributes that you and other followers attribute to GOD…That are illogical and worthy of the phrase “a leap of faith” because faith is the only argument that can be used to displace logic…..

          • I’ll try to answer:
            Your questions just seem a little off to me. No offense, but they seem a little childish, don’t you think, in hindsight perhaps? Not to mention your comment about the Easter Bunny.
            You want to talk about faith? You believe there is no God… MAN, now THERE’S a leap of faith! If you were to sit down and LOGICALLY think of everything in existence… from the smallest of beings to the largest, including plants, ecosystems etc… you HAVE to agree that there is a good deal of order, don’t you? You might even agree that there seems to be INTELLIGENCE in the design.
            I have to confess that I have an “unfair advantage” when it comes to faith. During my years as a missionary I saw and experienced humanly inexplicable events/miracles that made it impossible for me to NOT believe in God. I’m talking first-hand, not stuff that were relayed to me from someone’s over-active imagination. Not flukes either – things that happened in direct response to prayer or proclamations/commands in the name of Jesus. And very few of those could possibly be ascribed to chance or the result of “feel-good” effects.
            God is real, more real than all of us – and the entire universe – combined. He’s not in the “sending TO hell” business (contrary to popular Atheist accusations), but in the “saving FROM hell” business. And salvation is completely free for the taking to anyone who has real, honest faith in Christ.

          • @Phil……I always hear that argument of design intelligence as a proof of GOD’s existence. Sorry, but that is theory and assumption to someone with a logical mind. I asked you to answer a simple question: Can God create a puzzle that he cannot solve? Yes or No? Simple. There is so much about the universe that we DON’T KNOW that could explain the order and intelligence in the universe. Intelligent life on other planets for example, this planet could be one large experiment or project. I don’t believe in heaven and hell. I find the belief in re-incarnation to be more rational. I am not an atheist, I am a realist. Your belief in “GOD” was indoctrinated into you, and in addition, your belief in Christ. So that is your base belief system. You are programmed just like a windows start-up disk. Thus, you can not mentally process logical alternatives to life any more than a Windows start-up disk can install an APPLE program. You are hard-wired mentally to you belief, for better or worse. there are many possible explanations for the wonderful “miracles” that you saw, particularly the mental powers of man’s brain to influence results. That can be an answer in itself without adding another random element (God). Please answer my simple question or I am done with this conversation……

          • @Prayace – There’s not a lot I can say to convince you, since there’s none as deaf as one who doesn’t want to hear.
            As for your question: It’s a trick question that I in your mind would never be able to answer correctly. If I said no, you would say “ah, so God’s neither omniscient nor omnipotent, because he’s unable to create such a puzzle.” If I said yes, you would say the same, since “he’s unable to solve a puzzle that he created.” It’s folly, and your focus on God is completely wrong.
            As for the miracles that I witnessed (and experienced, in some instances) – you would obviously have to witness them for yourself to understand, I suppose. I can assure you that was God, NOT mind power or any other power. Unfortunately there’s nothing I could say to convince you, since you would, it seems, rather believe in anything else – from the weird to the freaky – than accept that it could well be God. And you call yourself a REALIST?
            I wasn’t going to drop examples, but try this mild one: In 1998 an intense storm ravaged Moscow (Russia), ripping up trees and destroying roofing everywhere. 200 miles to the east a tiny Baptist congregation were going to have their annual picnic at a small lake in the countryside the next day. In the afternoon of the day before they received a call from Moscow warning them that the storm was headed their way.
            They immediately called whoever could make it together for a prayer meeting, and prayed that the storm would not cause any more damage, would bring much-needed rain instead to their dry area, and would not spoil their picnic. The next morning it was coming down in buckets. Far from being discouraged, they packed their cars and set off to the lake, slip-sliding their way to the picnic area in very limited visibility due to the torrential rain. Why? Well, they prayed, didn’t they? And they trusted God.
            As the last car to arrive turned off its engine, the clouds rapidly parted directly overhead, spreading in all directions, causing a curtain of rain all around the small lake, about a mile from the bank, basking the lake in beautiful sunlight with a balmy breeze the whole day while everyone had a wonderful time.
            Come the time to leave, they gathered in prayer to thank God for the day and for answering their prayer. As the last car started rolling, the clouds and rain came rushing back in like the sea filling a void, and the group in their cars happily went slip-sliding back up the path away from the lake.
            Did it really happen? Yes, I know it did – I was there. Mental power? Coincidence? You decide for yourself – I’m going with God.
            There were many more examples, some you wouldn’t believe happened if I told you.
            Nothing was “indoctrinated” into me, I can assure you that. I used to be in YOUR shoes until my eyes were opened in 1997 and I saw the error of my so-called logic and reason.
            Believe me, the most astounding science on our planet is nothing more than a study of God’s creation – and many of the students don’t even know it. There are, however, MANY highly learned scientists that are Christians, and several of them actually found Christ through science. The same goes for many doctors and other professionals.
            What I can’t figure out is – WHY the vehement resistance? Are you afraid you would have to change your lifestyle or something?

          • PERHAPS, but I constructed those beliefs through LOGIC and they’re MY OWN BELIEFS. I was indoctrinated into Christianity as a child too and I saw through the DOGMA which is MAN MADE. The proof is that if you or PHIL were born and raised in Saudi Arabia…you’d be a devout follower of Mohammad until you were in your teens. If you were born and raised on Easter Island, you’d be worshiping those big stone heads, and please don’t give me the nonsense that Christ would somehow reveal himself to you. Your indoctrinated base beliefs are the result of programming…PERIOD. I managed to de-program myself from the DOGMATIC BULLSHIT!

          • What is LOGIC, Prayace? Have you ever REALLY considered that? For me logic = I pray, God answers me. Logic. It’s as real as the breakfast I have every day, and I don’t eat mountain cabbage cookies. As for DOGMA, the word intrinsically means core principles. You have some big, flawed ones of your own.

          • Sorry Phil the definition of LOGIC is not prayer…..and your definition of DOGMA is missing half of it’s definition. That is so typical of evangelistic Christians, they cleverly bend and manipulate information to push their agenda )like Zionists do) and it works especially around feeble-minded or vulnerable people…..Religion is the opiate of the masses… core principles are solid and fine thank you…but maybe not for your make believe world……

          • “Religion is the opiate of the masses…” – and how many times have I heard THAT… lol!
            I had no agenda in trying to manipulate any definition. If you went and studied the word, “core principles” is EXACTLY what it meant, before people started adding on to the meaning and associating it with the church. And I never said the definition of LOGIC is prayer, don’t twist my words. I said that FOR ME logic is that God hears when I pray. I wouldn’t expect you to grasp that.
            The fact is, you and I could go to and fro trying to refute each other’s views and beliefs (yes, your beliefs, whether you know you have any or not) until the cows come home, and we won’t be one iota closer to either side.
            Did you read my comment about the incident in Russia? No feeble-minded or vulnerable people were there, I can assure you, let alone in the other incidents of which I haven’t told you. In countries where you can be officially or unofficially persecuted for your Christian faith, you had better become a prayer general real quickly if you’re a Christian.
            I look at your profile pic, and you look like a nice guy… and I cringe when I think that you’re going through life a victim of the enemy of your soul, headed for an eternity without God if you don’t come to your senses in time. Now you may retort that you’re not a victim, etc, etc. You see, a person who is deceived doesn’t realize it, precisely because he’s deceived… and you are, my friend – big time! Unless God Himself opens your eyes. That’s when you realize just how far gone you actually were. I know all about it – been there, got the T-shirt.
            You’ll no doubt ridicule this, but please do yourself a favour and ask Christ to reveal Himself to you. He might not visibly appear to you (as He has to people in closed, high-risk countries), but He will by no means disappoint you if you truthfully come to Him to get to know Him. It’s up to you – He promises in the Bible that if you come to Him, He’ll draw near to you.
            I sincerely hope you won’t swat away what I said, and do something about it – I really do. You’re welcome to reply to this if you want the last word, but this is where I call it a day. I hope to meet you in the hereafter, in glory.

          • Yr make believe world consists of aliens, reincarnation and who knows what so STOP CLAIMING YOU’RE A FAN OF LOGIC. Only a wack job would push the ridiculous notions you are then start claiming logic.

          • Wrong, you rejected God because you wanted to believe falsehoods because the truth was too much for you. If you were raised Catholic, then I could understand someone rejecting their Babylon worship but they don’t even use a real Bible and bear zero resemblance to Christians.

          • Yr hypocrisy is strong, I’ll give you that. Instead of asking stupid, immature, illogical questions, why not just present one example of Life creating itself and shutting down this whole discussion? You are an atheist, don’t lie. You want to bring aliens into the argument, then first explain who created them and present yr evidence. Yr belief in aliens and “nothing” was indoctrinated into you. You are programmed to ignore truth and believe any wacked out idea…because God isn’t involved. You can’t mentally process an existence that has God because yr so brainwashed into yr own beliefs/religion. You should read yr own illogical statements. You sound as crazy as you claim Phil is.

          • First, why would He want to? Logic? Yr the genius that proposed that God should create a rock even He couldn’t lift, like that would be evidence instead of just stupid and childish. What you SHOULD be doing is presenting examples of Life creating itself like evolutionists believe. Present that example and prove creationists wrong already. How’s that fr logic? Easter Bunny. How mature…not.

          • srsly?, hypocrite much? You fantasize that Life can create itself and consider yrself “smart” even though that’s absolutely illogical, unscientific and has never ever been observed. “Question a fairy tale written by humans”? You should try it. But for some reason, yr hypocrisy won’t let you question yr religion of evolution.

          • Since evolution has never ever happened, you’ll be waiting a long time. You are referring to adaptation. Its absolutely unscientific to believe that a reptile can lay an egg w/ a mammal inside.

          • Translation: “I’m so stupid I couldn’t possibly put forth a viable argument so I’ll just revert back to 8 years old and lie and throw insults”. OK.

          • Actually, there is some evidence that is suppressed as being “faked” or “wrong” like the modern human footprint found in a fossilized creek bed just yards from one that appears to be a T-rex, both in the same strata. They also discount an article written by a Greek historian who watched the pyramids being built as “suspect” They call anyone who talks about ruins that predate what they accept as “historical fact” a conspiracy nut, or just plain wrong. They tell us that ancients, who could tell you precisely when an animal passed, and track by signs most modern hunters wouldn’t know to look for, mistook the ancient bones of large animals as giant people. We lost more knowledge when the library at Alexandria was destroyed than we have gained since.

      • yes millions maybe even houndrets of millions and maybe evevn billions of years !!! but this informations are too big for your small brainwashed head,,,keep watching tv and believing in goverment and main stream informations and have a simple life-enjoy 🙂

    • Actually you are way wrong about the time frame. It is hundreds or tens of thousands. You apparently in the bullshit of evolution. So you’re an ape then are ya?

        • I guess you didn’t hear about the global warming shills/scientists that went to Antartica to measure to melting ice and their ship was frozen in. Even the ice breaker sent to rescue them was getting ice locked. Global warming is a liberal lie used to gouge people for money. Al Gore is such a hypocrite that he has a huge mansion (of many) that uses more energy in one month than most American homes use in a year. he also sold his TV network to Muslim oil interests. Global warming is a farce.

  3. High Iron content in the stones could explain the compass variations from normal. It could also explain how the stones were moved, magnetic gravitational field technology. Nikola Tesla was familiar with such technology. Its not that far of a stretch to assume that others were as well in the past. Telsa had access to manuscripts, ancient ones as a young boy and later on in his life, much of his knowledge was gained during those times according to some of the articles on this that I have read.

  4. I can’t see any evidence that it’s man-made. Just looks like bedding planes and perpendicular jointing to me. The surfaces need inspecting for cutting marks. From what I can see, there isn’t any definable structure to the blocks either. It doesn’t look like there was any intention to construct, for example, a temple or such like.

  5. Well the ancient vedic literatures , many thousands of years old themselves , refer to beings with spacecraft the size of large cities and all sorts of unimaginable mystic powers to manipulate physical matter , like moving whole mountains etc . Molding 3000 ton blocks of stone and stacking them was probably just done by their children for recreation 🙂

  6. chaos…and I don’t doubt it, having read your post – but here’s a tell-tale sign of your knowledge — the grammatical phrase is “for all INTENTS and purposes”…NOT intensive purposes…you apparently hear what you want, decipher it into understandable bytes, and disregard the need to investigate or study, which only proves to negate your entire diatribe.

  7. hahahaha, I think your opening statement sums up your conclusion and is a direct reflection of your own thinking. As soon as anyone starts using god as part of their logic they immediately lose credibility. I think it is you who is narrow minded….

  8. Scientists know so little about ancient history that it’s ridiculous. In southern Indiana back about 1716 when the first few white explorers came to the waterfalls along the Ohio River they found skeletons wearing Welch armor dated to the early 12th century and yet history says that the first white man to visit the “new world” was Columbus!

  9. Most things of life are explained in the Quran, this included. You can bet your boots that none of the lateral minded people below have read it. I therefor declare all of you ignorant or intellectually dishonest. Just know it’s ok to change your mind based on new information. Even Dawkins finally admited he was agnostic after misleading humans for half a century. Read Maurice Bucaille. Educate yourselves.

    • Will … I’ve read the Quran. Have you read the Bible or the Thodol Bardol or the Bhagavad Gita?
      Weston LaBarre, in his book “Ghost Dance” stated that “each religion is the ghost dance of a traumatized society”. That would seem dismissive of religion except that each ghost dance is a retelling of truth so that it will be retained by succeeding generations. When you look into religion and skip past any troublesome details, you find principles, principles that work. Sorting through the various religions you will arrive at a consensus and therein find the mind of God.

  10. Old Ranger is right: Man has survived in highly intelligent capacities on this Earth and risen and fallen over millions of years, not hundreds or only tens of thousands.

  11. It definitely looks like natural erosion and jointing to me. Impressive, but not mystical. Similar shapes and structures to the Yonaguni monument in Japan, which although have been the subject to much debate as to their origin, most experts agree are natural geological formations. They are big blocks of stone, i give you that.

    • The Yonoguni monument is not natural and has joints and holes that are clearly man made. The formation itself is natural but it was fashioned by human hands. There is even a face carved into it. I’m not sure about the stones in this article but it does look man made.

  12. There are places in the northern US(Great Lakes) that look much the same. This looks like glaciation may have moved the rocks which had been sedimentary, forming in layers. When temperatures vary between extremes strange things happen over time and stones can move. I doubt this is man-made.

  13. There are also the 10,000 year old ruins in India, that look as though they were nuked (melted and scorched stone) and the ruins in South America that have squared cuts (including insets) that also seem to be close to 10k years old, with a metal staple that is of an unknown metallic compound. They found what is believed to be the oldest temple, at 75,000 years old, or more, yet civilization began 6000 years ago….with the death of the first civilization.

  14. Children, stop your petty arguments–the most likely scenario might be–humans eons ago are imbued with high intelligence, to be able to do all those things in the picture, perhaps they were cognizant of levitating megalithic stones by producing sounds thereabouts- obviously the present humans have a watered down DNA with more than 90% is junk or dormant. Perhaps our designers whoever they are- want to decrease our mental capacity–so that we many kill each other–they might have a penchant for human wars,
    genocide, or we are part of an experiment gone loose.

  15. Fascinating article. For me, it brought Churchward to mind and his Mu. According to Churchward, Mu had colonies all over the globe and were extremely advanced.

  16. Could this be evidence of the GIANT races that the Bible tells us existed in the pre-flood past? At the very least the level of technology it would take to move such large cut stones is 100s of years in advance of anything we have now! Maybe angelic technology? Why is it so much easier for people to believe in ALIEN technology than ANGELIC technology! They could be one and the same!


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