Newly Introduced California Abortion Bill Could Legalize Infanticide For Several Weeks After Birth

A newly proposed bill in the California State Legislature could expand the ghastly practice of abortion to include infanticide – the killing of a newborn child – for several weeks, months, or even years after a child is born.

According to the pro-life group ‘Right to Life League,’ CA Assembly Bill 2223 “literally decriminalizes infanticide” by eliminating civil and criminal penalties for abortion up to, and past, the point of birth. The bill specifically includes the term “perinatal death” under the definition of abortion, which would allow for fully-developed, already-born babies to be snuffed out at the will of their mothers for a still-undefined amount of time.

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The proposed bill states:
“[A] person shall not be subject to civil or criminal liability or penalty, or otherwise deprived of their rights, based on their actions or omissions with respect to their pregnancy or actual, potential, or alleged pregnancy outcome, including miscarriage, stillbirth, or abortion, or perinatal death.”


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