Newsom Torched on Train Thefts

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California Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom was widely mocked on social media late this week as he talked to reporters about the widespread thefts that have been taking place on trains in Los Angeles, saying that it looked like a “third world country.”

Newsom’s remarks come after an official with Union Pacific (UP) revealed several days ago that the organization believes that approximately 90 shipping containers are robbed every day in the area. The story quickly gained national media attention after local news stations posted video showing thousands of packages opened and thrown onto the train tracks.

“I mean, just less than 48 hours ago, we said, we’re coming down, let’s set this thing up. We had all the lawyers say, well hold on, it’s not your property. I mean, all, in every conceivable thing that makes you frustrated and crazy about government bureaucracy was at play, but everybody worked together,” Newsom told reporters. “They work through those issues. We got this memorandum of understanding. And we created a new framework of understanding about our mutual responsibility to address what the hell’s going on here.”

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