Why one Prime Minister’s addiction to money, power, & soundbites is really about the establishment of a ‘New World Order’

by John Ward

If and when a Great Reckoning ever occurs to put right the wrongs of our epoch, then Boris Johnson will face charges on three counts: that he failed to oppose Nazi-convenient legal instruments because they appealed to his own dictatorial tendences; that he has a long-standing track record of lies that have been found out; and finally, that he is too lazy to defend his lies credibly.

I don’t know why it is that Daily Telegraph ladies with no physical balls between their legs have bigger and better ones on the metaphysical plane than any male hack I can think of in that space, but it continues to be true. Sherelle Jacobs and Allison Pearson flatly refuse to toe the line…and yesterday (Sunday) the veteran Janet Daly delivered a stunning rebuttal of the hidden game-plan in play when she wrote that ‘it is not the existence of Covid-19 as a disease that is begging to be prolonged but the state of emergency that accompanied it’.

How many times has that point been made by threaders at The Slog, and in my own posts on the subject?

The one and only body of statutory vandalism that gives every unelected pillock from Sedwill to Whitty the right to ignore Parliament, confine people to their homes and inject the gullible with mRNA garbage is the UK Coronavirus Act, within which there are a staggering 89 clauses offering unlimited powers to break pretty much every promise under offer at the EU’s Human Rights Court. (Not that the EUCHR seems to care that much)

Now that his political instincts for survival have finally proved more persuasive to Boris Johnson than self-enrichment, he’s working very hard to withstand the orchestrated intelligence/corporacratic/useful Leftie idiot tidal wave designed to be rid of him. But it is too little too late: as long predicted here and elsewhere, he is destined to be the Bill Sykes in all this: that is to say, the guilty patsy. He has outlived his usefulness, and must be replaced by another better equipped to rationalise the irrational. It is the Act itself that has to go if the 1in8 are to wrest back libertarian privilege from the Unelected State.

You will find no sympathy in this quarter for BoJo’s comeuppance. For he is also hugely implicated in the Skripal poisoning caper that aimed to demonise Russian geopolitical aims in general and Vladimir Putin in particular. His lies about Novochok (and complicity in the D-Notice clampdown on both Porton Down and Salisbury Hospital) paved the way for sci-fi dressed workers scaring the wits out of ordinary Britons in the same way that staged Chinese spraying actions terrified the world at the start of the Covid19 myth. Throughout this episode, Johnson used mendacity to further his career.

In turn, that depiction of Putin as Beelzebub made credible the insane idea that the Russian leader’s avowed intention was to expand into Western Europe in a cunning plan to get himself and his countrymen wiped out by the overwhelming nuclear advantage enjoyed by Washington and NATO. Bogey Man invention about Vlad the Lad’s cyber capabilities really doesn’t hold any water in that context: and to be obvious here, as a smart dictator bloke, RasPutin says little beyond the on-record promise made to him by George Bush Sr, viz, “I give you my word that we shall not move so much as a metre eastwards against you”.

Mind you, this was the Bushwacker who once promised the American people, “Watch my lips – no new taxes”.

This isn’t a ploy on my part to absolve Vladimir Putin on every level; I’m not an idiot. I just wonder what Washington’s attitude would be to Russian tanks and infantry gallivanting about in Mexico.

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All that being said, we find ourselves on the brink of a potentially existential conflict between NATO and the Russian Federation on the subject of the Ukraine. A quarter of all Ukrainians are pro-Moscow Russian speakers, largely concentrated in the East of the country. But there are also 30% of citizens who are fully biligual. Big problems really began in 2013 when Viktor Yanukovych suspended preparations for a path to EU membership. The subsequent protests precipitated a revolution that led to Yanukovych’s ousting in February 2014.

At the time, this struck most open-minded observers as a desire of the majority of Ukrainian citizens not to be positioned as a pawn of either EUNATO or Muscovite geopolitics. For the life of me, I cannot see how Putin is asking for any more than that: the astonishingly corrupt nature of Ukraine’s politics is something he finds tedious not the most important thing that should be guiding his overall strategy of protecting the viability of the Russian Federation. Because at heart – as well as being a grand-master geopolitician – he is also a Mother Russia patriot.

As of today, my hunch is that the hawks around Biden are beginning to realise they’ve overstepped the mark. Notable in the last 24 hours has been the move to have British, French and German talks with Moscow without the Americans present. This is a potentially serious humiliation for Biden, and I think it highly likely that he won’t survive it.

Finally, what’s interesting is how one man with a far better grasp of the econo-fiscal sums has displaced BoJo as The Man Most Likely To. Almost from the outset in February 2020, Rishi Sunak had profound doubts about Matt Hancock’s Pools-winner attitude to spending obscene amounts of public money on so-called answers to the Coming “Pandemic”.

Events since then have convinced me that Hancock was doing the direct bidding of the Davos lunatics. I fact, I suspect he quite deliberately used a sexual affair to distance himself from the media-created storm that is now helping to destroy the Prime Minister.

But whereas Boris Johnson is notoriously weak on the stats, Sunak is a player who knows how and why the devil is in the detail.

BoJo simply isn’t made of the calibre sought by the 0.01% as Stage III of the plot abandons the cod science of vaccivirus in favour of stark realities like bourse collapse, hyperinflation, mass unemployment and the onward march of digital money madness.

The only things that separate Boris Johnson from Lee Harvey Oswald are (1) Bojo got paid for being a patsy and (2) Oswald was innocent.

The bottom line is alarmingly simple: never accept that depraved politicians are irrelevant to the causes of sadness that come from a higher pay grade. Opinion leaders from the Daily Mail to the Cabinet via spin doctors inside Number 10 think they’re working to establish the Party Line. In truth, they are legitimising mass murder.



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