Newt Gingrich Calls For MADONNA Arrest – I Would Be Arrested If It Were Me – Madonna Practiced Jewish Witchcraft Against TRUMP While Reading The Quran.

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by Pamela Williams
Madonna revealed that she practiced Jewish witchcraft on Election night to Make Trump lose.  She had her Muslim “agent” read the QURAN while she focused on President Trump’s image on the TV.  I am infuriated that she has not been arrested as of yet.  C’mon, I would have already been arrested and questioned.  It will set a bad example if the authorities do nothing.  I hope the Secret Service is taking this seriously.
Speaking to Harper’s Bazaar, Madonna described focussing on Trump’s image on the TV screen while “lighting candles, meditating, praying, offering our lives” as her agent and friend recited verses from the Quran.  She goes on to say that her agent knew someone who worked on the Clinton campaign, and that early in the night they heard that things were not going as expected for the Democratic nominee.
Oh, yeah, I am sure her “agent” did know someone who worked on the Clinton campaign, because that was the “dark” side of the Election.  That is why Jason Chaffetz is investigating Clinton as we speak.  Something else I read this morning which has me infuriated…Hillary Clinton wants a talk show!  Can someone under criminal investigation get a talk show?  No!!!
Madonna went on to tell Harper’s Bazaar…now get this:
We were doing everything: lighting candles, meditating, praying, offering our lives to God forever, if only,” said the 58-year-old, seemingly puzzled that God wasn’t interested in answering the prayers of a woman who earlier in the campaign promised oral relations with anybody who voted for Hillary.  Explaining that she “always gets what she wants”, Madonna said she is unable to accept what has happened: “It’s like being dumped by a lover and also being stuck in a nightmare.”
In the end, Trump defeated Clinton, and months later Madonna is still struggling to accept that her mystical witchcraft was not enough to overpower the will of the American people.  Don’t you feel sorry for poor old Madonna witch?  I am absolutely in shock that she thinks she should get what she wanted, when she probably did not even bother to vote.  I wish she would leave this Country…we could do with one less witch.
Newt Gingrich is asking that Madonna be arrested, and Newt as usual speaks the truth with a deep mindfulness.

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He went on to say:  Newt Gingrich: She is parallel to the young fascists running around town breaking windows. All of them should be given maximum sentence… What you have is an emerging left-wing fascism. She’s part of it. And I think we have to be prepared to protect ourselves. Frankly, she ought to be, the truth is she ought to be arrested.
Further, if you can believe this, there are a group of witches in Brooklyn, NY performing spells on Donald Trump.  In one of their so-called spells, they hope he loses his hair.  Honestly, I knew we were dealing with this in America today, and I guess they are just following in Hillary Clinton’s steps.

Yeni Sleidi, one of the witches who enlisted the help of  her fellow “brujas” (Spanish for “witches”) and her mom who practices witchcraft, spoke to Jezebel 

“We’re both Cuban immigrants and his misguided attack on Mexican immigrants hit close to home, so she was happy to help.”

With that the group decided to shoot a video to document their casting of spells to silence Trump and to curse him with a hair loss spell, like the one(s) evoked in The Craft.

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In conclusion, I will not post the video of their spells, as I refuse to spread that type of energy around.  I instead would like to pray for President Trump, his Family, and his Staff to be protected.

Dear Lord, President Trump, His Family, and His Staff are under attack by many practicing witchcraft and by the Satanists in this world.  You already knew what he would be facing before you put him in office, so I know you are watching over him and his with a plan of action.  Please surround Washington DC with your mighty angelic army such as Saint Michael, who are worthy of your trust.  Further surround Trump Tower in New York with that same angelic army to watch over the Trump family and give them comfort in knowing you will protect them from the chaos so many seek to use against them.  Please bring a Light over the Darkness of this world, expose it for what it is….for all to see and to recognize…so that we may defend ourselves against it.  We know that you help those who help themselves, and we seek to do that and not fall prey to the evil in this tired world.  We know that soon an answer will come to those of us seeking to understand the world in which we now live in.  We thank you Lord, for we know and trust in your response to our prayer.  Amen.


54 thoughts on “Newt Gingrich Calls For MADONNA Arrest – I Would Be Arrested If It Were Me – Madonna Practiced Jewish Witchcraft Against TRUMP While Reading The Quran.

  1. This ugly, wrinkly, old has-been needs a lesson. “Trump. Trump. Trump…” the soft sound of Mighty Footsteps coming, with a big stick, for the hated, loathed, arrogant, snot-nosed liberals, who—like initial “survivors” of the Titanic—think they can just keep treading water.
    ????????????????????????????????? If radical Islamists, or the Left, or the Euro-Weenies, or the Establishment Deep State’s lips are moving, “they are speaking lies, clinical derangement, or delusions.”
    The same can apply to their supporters, enablers, and advocates. Also to their ??????????????????Fake News, multi-millionaire, mouthy, “anchor” Faces. And to their spoiled brat, Islamist, Open Borders, One-World, Marxist-propagandized, demented, stupid, drug addict ??????????????????????????? ???? ?????”celebrities.”
    Don’t buy their CDs or the products they hawk on TV, don’t go to their inane movies, don’t visit their stupid sites, don’t listen to them on the radio.
    Don’t watch them on their Fake News TV, don’t buy tickets to see them do ANYthing, and especially don’t watch or attend their dumb, leftist-activist “shows.” ?
    Don’t believe any lying word they say. Ignore their lies. Defund them; block their plots. 
    “Find them; fix them in place; isolate them; and ridicule them.” To paraphrase their sly, cabalistic, luciferian leader, Saul Alinksky ????
    Could you maybe wipe them out or have them praising Trump, to survive financially—all in about 6 weeks? ????????
    Feel free—***you are freed now***—to reproduce this message and send it onward….

    • You really can’t tell your ass from a hole in the ground. I’ve seen your other comments too.
      This velvet mafia satanist, along with the others, have only been proving they are powerless; last time I checked Trump WON, and these little demonets will not be spared the equal application of the law.
      Nor will your attempts at minimizing their crimes have any effect, chucky. You have your non skid sneakers on for tonight’s slippery floors? Yeah, thought so.
      If all fairies of fair kingdoms can do is talk and shout, guess what chuck, we have a real simple answer to that. In the old days, they included small bundles of small sticks of wood. You know what they were called?

      • Since there is absolutely no evidence of god or satan the reality is common sense got Mr Trump elected.
        As long as peoople cling to those population control myths of my god is better than yours we will continue experience divisiveness and hate.
        Chuckman was giving a simple opinion and you chose to be the word police on him?

          • “Science” is currently claiming that the average 27/7 processing speed of the human mind is 400 billion bps. Further, to the best of their determination, we are cognizant of 2000 bps; all that we see. hear, taste, and touch, just 2000 bps.
            Who put the parental controls in place?
            Here’s an analogy for both of you;
            Right now there’s two cells in your big toe arguing over the existence of JOE/JEFF; one believes in a controlling entity, the other does not (constantly bringing up “The Big Stub” where thousands of cells and a toenail were lost forever). Does “their” argument effect JOE/JEFF’s existence? Would either of you put steel-toed shoes on for life to avoid hurting them again?
            Yet “God” is supposed to worry over the sorry existence of every living thing? Are animals the only ones who understand “free will”? You’re given EVERYTHING you need to exist in physical reality, yet you get upset when God refuses (or doesn’t hear, what do YOUR cells talk about?) to tweek it specifically to your request.
            Personally, I avoid all types of non-corporeal energy beings; they’re attracted by the energy you put out, not the NAME you use. You get what you are, figure it out.
            {Not here to convince you guys personally, because, and I’m sure you both agree with this, convincing either of you doesn’t change reality. lol}

          • Your input into this conversation is rather sophmoric without a clear intent of what you are trying to communicate?? That you are a guru and listen to you? That you have a larger view of things?
            If your point is there IS a god then as I have inquired of all who profess a belief in this myth, created to control humans out of fear by clever sociopaths abusing most humans natural wonder at sentience…show some evidence.

          • The primary “no-god memes” revolve around “if god exists then….” offerings, usually based upon “I prayed REALLY HARD and nothing happened” and/or “if god exists, why is there evil” conundrums.
            My sophomoric response was pondering the idea that “our” relationship to the Creator of All may be equivalent to that of our individual cells in our body to the thinking being that controls same.
            Further, that the “pondering” of those two “cells” would have no effect upon the action, or inaction, of the controlling intellect.
            “Show some evidence….”
            My “evidence” is the result of following a basic principle shared by historical prophets; spending 40 days and nights alone in the desert (no Bo trees in Arizona, lol). There is a word in English that describes said experience, ineffable – to great or extreme to be described in words.
            I’m not disputing what MAN has done using religion as an excuse. That being said, I’m to busy on my own path to try to lead a bunch of tards, who don’t wish to find out for themselves, towards enlightenment. What I discovered is valuable to me, it required an effort that the majority of the planet will not undertake; why would I want to “give” it away? I write under my actual name (and pic) to let people know there’s a real person there (as opposed to an anon “who knows what”). I DON’T offer DIY books, or other ways to exploit same either.
            I will say that the “40 day/night” thing, while difficult, is not hard to set up; it’s taking what you learn and moving back in with people that’s tough.

          • 1. I talked about the finger nail existance of god in 1965 in Germany corresponding with a friend.
            2. I asked the most relevant question when one hears an outrageous claim…prove it.
            3. Asserting I am a “tard” which I assume to be “retard” adds to your sophmoric image.
            4. Anything else is just begging the question and brain chaff. If you desire to metaphorically go to a gunfight, don’t bring a butter knife. Put up up or shut up.

      • If you were to ask these so called “Demonets” about their failure
        on election night, They would explain that it was a
        “Statistical Anomaly”.

        • Hey, I thought of that, too. If they are so powerful, why did Hillary lose? I guess “spirit cooking” and reading from the Quran doesn’t work so well.

          • That’s the whole point. How can the satanists think themselves strong, when they fail over and over again? Maybe while the breeders were asleep, making kids for them to torture, sexually assault and murder, they thought breeders were weak.
            Breeders will always outnumber velvet mafia satanic pedo turdbags, because WE MAKE THE KIDS they prey on. Now the breeders are awake, and once a proven liar, the breeders no longer can be fooled.

  2. Madonna’s god is Satan, The god of hate, chaos,destruction and all things evil. Satan is losing his power, you can even hear his death rattle.

  3. This is a total misuse of the occult. Casting curses against people who have personally done you no wrong is black magic! Any reputable lodge would have kicked her out. If I were her coven priest/priestess I would ask her to leave. I think she does not know what she is doing. Not to mention that blabbing about it so the world knows is totally unprofessional. Hey Madonna where did you get your training? There is a reason why one of the four powers of the sphinx is to keep silent.

    • Magic and calling upon demons can be extremely hazardous to a person’s health if not done properly. And to keep asking and asking of Satan to do this and do that for them….Satan gets pissed off and does not listen to their pleas but has whatever you wish upon someone else come barreling back at you to destroy you. I’ve seen this same thing happen again and agin by idiots who think they know what they are doing with black magic. Also if the target person never did you any harm……the black magic only works in reverse….something that stupid woman never figured out. Donald never hurt her personally and she is attacking him….. She’s going to wind up very very broke and very very incarcerated.

        • Yes, if done wrong or done by amateurs…it CAN backfire and the consequences are pretty dire. If you even THINK of something wrong and not say it outloud during a ceremony….”they” will hear you and do what you thought of to yourself.

      • Who said anything about Satan? He is just a christian speciality demigod that they use to brand on other religions that they don’t understand and fear. Madonna is probably using standard cabalistic angels that judaism shares with christianity. She probably casts the circle using the four archangels for the four quarters. The problem is that she has brainwashed herself into thinking Trump is this monster when he is just a man with good points and bad points like the rest of us. She thinks she is doing something good by cursing him and in reality she is just projecting a lot of her own emotional and psychological baggage onto him. At her age she should have got by now that leaving the outside world alone and working on your own well being brings out the best when working in these sort of traditions. I suspect that she is loosing it behind the scenes.

        • Even DEMONS can turn on you if they so desire. I’ve seen it done much to the person’s chagrin. Madoozy needs to go back to her mansion in the UK and leave the USA alone.

    • Deb, I get that, but witchcraft of any kind does not go with me. The Quran does not go with me either. I have investigated so much of what I consider to be “off” practices just lately, I have lost my tolerance for those who seek to cast spells, prey upon others, or adhere to the Quran.

  4. If one knows anything about “True” witchcraft and witches…. for one, they are not political, and two, because of the True witches Rede, a true witch will never cast a bad spell against another because it will be returned to the caster three fold. Modonna is not a witch, that is an insult to true witches … Modonna is a demonist who beholds to satanic ritual and evil. Demonists have no problem trying to use evil to gain power. Obviously shown in the way Madonna presents herself.

    • I am backing you up 100% kpevt12! What you talk about is what I have experienced as well. Although it could be she is using standard cabbalistic rituals in the mistaken belief that she is doing good because she views Trump as a monster. I have seen cases like that where the black magician/witch has fallen prey to their emotions and do not realize it and within their own little bubble they are the good guy.

  5. I just want to apologize to anyone I have offended when I comment. Sometimes I do become overly passionate, and I can get snarky. However, when I report I do it with a personal slant, as that is just my style. I love to talk with all of you…I want you to know that.

  6. ahh you poor hollywood tools! One person’s will cannot move the Universe.
    There are Millions of Us and we made sure Trump was President. Millions that used their wills on Glyph Magick. Not one person can change or fight against that.

  7. TAKE WHORdonna’s money to fund rehabilitation centers. Those JUDAS GOATS like Madonna, “lady” Gaga, Katy Perry, Milley Cyrus, who teach your children that promiscuity and intoxication are harmless and safe ……. they should be stripped of ALL their wealth to pay for rehabilitation of those they MISled . These so-called female “entertainers” who GROOM young girls into sordid lives and walk away counting their money are nothing but highly paid PIMP’S enablers.

  8. If Madonna is jailed that will STOP all the libturd foolishness. Will someone please start up a petition to have her arrested? She can’t just make threats like this against our president and get away with it. She is NOT above the LAW.

  9. Newt reminds me of Ron and Randy Paul calling for audits and ending the Fed, when everyone knew that wouldn’t be possible, so it was a safe false opposition play. Notice Randy Paul not making a peep about auditing or ending the Fed now? When it could be possible? Yeah, thought so.
    Newt, the man that co-opted and destroyed the REAL Tea Party, is making a stand with something that’s about the same…he has no power to get it done, but he can do a little sand shuffle to distract the unwary Patriots.
    Don’t fall for this Newt. He was responsible for flushing the largest republican wins snatching failure from the jaws of victory. Don’t let this PoS turd bag try it again.
    Doesn’t mean don’t enforce the law. Madonna should have been arrested WHILE she was still talking after her direct threats to the President. ENFORCE THE LAW. FLUSH the NEWT TURD.

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