Newt Sounds The Alarm: Trump Won’t Have ‘Stable’ Presidency Without ‘Serious Changes’ 

Former Speaker of the House and longtime Trump supporter Newt Gingrich is seriously worried about the future of Donald Trump’s presidency.
Gingrich, who has consistently been one of Trump’s most optimistic supporters, said Friday morning that Trump is more isolated than he realizes and needs to make “serious changes” if he’s going to have a stable presidency.
“I think he’s in a position right now where he’s much more isolated than he realizes,” Gingrich said in an interview with Fox News’ Bill Hemmer. “On the Hill, he has far more people willing to sit to one side and not help him right now, and I think that he needs to recognize that he’s taken a good first step with bringing in General Kelly, but he needs to think about what has not worked. You don’t get down to 35 percent approval and have people in your own party shooting at you and conclude that everything’s going fine.”
“How many times have we had this conversation? It was John McCain, Gold Star families and Access Hollywood. Is this week that much different than the numerous other situations?” Hemmer asked. (RELATED: Trump Stories Or Terrorism? NBC Easily Decides What’s More Important)

I will dispense for now from discussion of the moral character of the president's Charlottesville statements. Whether he…

Posted by Mitt Romney on Friday, August 18, 2017


Trump is a ‘victim’ and is being ‘bullied,’ says a GOP megadonor and veteran money manager

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  • Americans are flocking to President Trump because they hate seeing people bullied, says conservative philanthropist Foster Friess.
  • The uproar over Trump’s response to the deadly violence is “politically inspired” by critics, he says.

This man says that President Trump is a victim of bullying from CNBC.
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  1. These Neo Bolshevik Globalist BANKSTER Scum Puppets will most likely achieve their goal. The idiot leftist on the ground level are doing the International Investment Bankster’s bidding and being too orverly edUmaKated to realize their useful idiots!

  2. Far Right = Far Left. Two sides of the same coin. Paid for by the Same People. Until We/Us, the Unwashed Masses rise up. Nothing is going to change this. Our Rights/Constitution and Country are disappearing before OUR eyes! People aren’t BORN RACIST. It’s encouraged to divide and conquer, nothing more. Sad, so sad.

  3. The Romneys wrap themselves in the American FLAG but never wrap themselves in an American UNIFORM.
    “patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel”
    (1) Great Grandpa Romney ran to Mexico to dodge American laws
    (2) Grandpa Romney FLIP-FLOPPED back to America when Mexico got dangerous.
    (3) Daddy Romney NEVER SERVED through WWII and Korea.
    (4) MITTENS Romney used “missionary” deferments to DODGE the Viet Nam draft.
    (5) FIVE sons, and NOT ONE ever wore an AMERICAN UNIFORM.
    FIVE GENERATIONS, NINE “males”, and NOT ONE actually LOVED America enough to SERVE this Nation. The only thing “conservative” about the Romney Family is conserving THEIR OWN BEHINDS.
    They hide their money OUTSIDE this country ….so they are always ready for a quick get-away just like Grandpaw did when he ran to Mexico..
    No Romney ever comes back missing a limb, in a box, or with PTSD …….. because no Romney ever SERVES.
    The Romneys love war …… because they get RICH but they never ever get HURT.
    Mitt Romney is sabotaging conservatives just like his father George Romney sabotaged Barry Goldwater.


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