Sweden Destroys its History… It’s All Cultural Marxism

by Mark Angelides

A story is emerging that has been verified by several news sites (although none of the US mainstream are covering it), that suggests Sweden is erasing its Viking past by quite literally destroying historical artifacts as they are found. If this is true, it is not only an assault on the history of the human race, but it is also a political assault on controlling the past to control the future.
According to Svenska Dagbladet ( a Swedish language news agency), due to regulations, ancient ironwork (coins, bracelets etc…) are being sent away as scrap metal. For every 12 objects found, they are throwing out ten!
It is being blamed on “Market Forces” and the cost of treating the finds, but many are questioning whether it is just the next step in the destruction of history that we are seeing roll out across the world. It’s happening in the US right now where Confederate Monuments are being torn down (sometimes with the help of local government); and there are other cases in other countries where it has become commonplace to destroy ties to or history.
The Leftist media decries the fact that groups like ISIS are destroying artifacts and attempting to remove “offending history”, yet when it comes to standing up for America’s (and by association the West’s) historical artifacts, they are either silent or on the side of the destroyers.
And it will go further. Already in Chicago, Pastor James Dukes is calling for the removal of all things named “Washington” and “Jackson”. And he’ll succeed! Because the complicit media and politicians WANT the past erased…It is at the very root of Cultural Marxism.
Consider when China had its “Great Cultural Revolution”, they began by targeting “the Four Olds”. In theory  it involved the complete destruction of Old Customs, Old Culture, Old Habits, and Old Ideas with the belief that once these things were gone, they would have a clean slate on which to sketch their “Communist Utopia”. The reality was that they smashed up antiques and anything that suggested “greatness” of the past and sent people who had “Old ideas” to forced labour and re-education camps.
And this is what is happening today. They may say it is for economic and market reasons, but they really just want to create a divide between what has gone before and what is happening now. They want people to not feel a connection to their past and their ancestors so that when they bring about their own “Cultural Revolution”, people will neither notice nor care.