Next round of funding for PPP..nothing about EIDL from Democrats..including allowing half of PPP to be used for operating expenses

by Alabamlass123

So I certainly hope this doesnt apply to any company that has been fully funded by both EIDL and PPP

I didnt apply for PPP as a single member LLC..remodeling, all we use are subs…didnt allow me to retain my guys or help them out..

I certainly would have if I would have known I could get 1% operating expense loan for 2 years.

There are literally millions waiting on EIDL loans @3.75 %

Shouldnt EIDL applicants also get the option of a 2 yr loan at 1% ……not with a 150k cap?

Some companies literally could have gotten 2 million bucks …and if this passes would then get to use a million on operating expenses…and anyone who didnt apply only 150k at 3.75%

PPP has no collateral or personal guarentee and there is no minimum credit score…unlike EIDL…

I’ve also read some republicans have joined in to support this change..



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