Next Week Will Either Be The Best Or Worst Of Biden’s Presidency

President Joe Biden is facing a tough week that will have long-lasting consequences for both his domestic and foreign policy agendas. To succeed, he needs to pass a multi-trillion dollar spending bill and maintain America’s role as global leader in overseas meetings.

The Biden administration has been negotiating with Democrats on Capitol Hill for months to pass the president’s infrastructure legislation. Now, the deadline for key climate provisions in the legislation is fast approaching. Biden will meet with global leaders in Glasgow, Scotland, on Nov. 1 to discuss how the international community should address climate change. The problem, however, is that if Biden cannot shepherd his infrastructure bill through Congress before he leaves, he will have no box to stand on in Glasgow.

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“The president looked us in the eye, and he said: ‘I need this before I go and represent the United States in Glasgow. American prestige is on the line,’” Democratic California Rep. Ro Khanna told Fox News on Sunday, days after meeting with Biden in the Oval Office.


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