No Bubble Here, Folks!

by David Haggith

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Anyone see a bubble anywhere? This is short and sweet because the picture says it all: We’ve just seen the fastest, highest rocket ride in stocks in the history of the world! Because that makes sense during a time of global plague and global economic lockdowns, creating extreme labor shortages, resulting in extreme product and materials shortages because 10% of the labor force has quit for good or been fired under the Biden Mandates. The present stock-market bubble makes the 1987 crash look like a pimple on the flank of the Himalayas! Anyone see where Mount Everest is in that picture? What could possibly go wrong??? But, hey, this is NOT a bubble created from Fed money laundering — uh, I mean printing, uh, I mean keystroking! If you believe that, you fully deserve everything that happens to you when the bubble bursts!



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