No College Degree Needed – Take the "Am I Stupid Test" – Can You Pass?

by Thinker
What is stupid? Not knowing how to read and write? – No! Not having a college degree? – No! Not being able to get good grades? – No!
Stupid is believing everything you see in a news paper, magazine, or the programmed box called a television. How much has your box taught you and how informed are you from it with its programmed media news? Do you really know what you should know?
Take the test below and see how how far you can go and what you really know:
1. How much do you know about the network news you watch on your box daily? How many stories in the news reported below did you believe?
(One point per story you saw on the box & One point for everyone you questioned)

2. What is the difference between a con-trail and a chemtrail? What you don’t know can kill you!
(100 points if you knew the difference.)
3. How many U.S. presidents served before George Washington?
(100 points if you get this one right)
Answers to questions 2 & 3 in video below:
4. How much money did the Pentagon announce they couldn’t find the day before 9/11, that is now over $9 Trillion dollars. Whom did your soldier die for – country – people – or another? Since most Americans were tuned into their favorite shows on their boxes and didn’t care how much money was missing, the theft has continued and most still don’t care. The box is keeping them entertained and providing all that they need to know – NO WONDER THE REST OF THE WORLD CONSIDERS AMERICANS STUPID – MOST ARE!
How many times has the U.S. shut down over money problems? Looks like accounting problems and thieves doing inside jobs that is the problem. John F. Kennedy executive orders that were retracted after his death would have prevented all that the world, especially Americans are seeing today and not seeing.
(Double Question, that has been aired on mainstream media and one that most Americans should have been keeping up with, or were you studying something you will never need to know again?