Tortured Soul Stephen Paddock – Numerous Cruises To The Middle East – Gun Room – Severe – Controlling – And Lover Of Prostitutes.

by Ruby Henley
I am taking a second look at Las Vegas shooter, Stephen Paddock, and a possible ISIL connection.  An Australian friend and boyfriend of Marilou Danley’s sister just gave an insightful and articulate interview to ‘A Current Affair.’
Adam Le Fevre knew Paddock well in that he made several trips to the Philippines with him, and he dated the sister of Paddock’s girlfriend Marilou Danley.  He is having a difficult time dealing with the fact he was so close to a mass murderer.  In one of his visits to Paddock’s home in Nevada, he was taken on a tour which included sitting room, two bedrooms, and a room called “the gun room.”
Paddock became very defensive when Mr. Le Fevre asked him casually about the US constitutional right to bear firearms.  Mr. Le Fevre said, “I raised that question with Steve and it’s something that he came back at me with an incredible degree of vigour.”  
“He was very strict and very firm on the fact that it’s a right.  It’s the freedom of every American to participate, to own a gun and use it…when need be.  Le Fevre said he was truly shocked with his lack of compassion.
I see a very unstable, highly opinionated, severe, gun obsessed, and controlling man.  He spoke in a condescending way to Marilou, and it sounds to me she walked on egg shells around him.  La Fevre also went on to say that Paddock boasted that one of the perks he was given by the casinos were call girls.  The police have recently commented they were searching for a ‘suspected call girl’ who had been with him the night of the massacre.
In describing their trip to Las Vegas in 2015, Le Fevre said he and his partner were accommodated in “out of this world, penthouse suites like you wouldn’t believe” thanks to Paddock’s “high roller” status on the Vegas casino strip.
“He had no qualms in telling me of the millions that he’d used,” Mr Le Fevre said.
“He said as a professional gambler I operate with $1.5 million to $2 million a year and that can generate me anywhere between $200,000 to $300,000 a year.
“He was very intent with it – extremely intent.”
As far as Marilou, she returned to the US week to discuss the shooting with the FBI, but Le Fevre says Danley had nothing to do with it, nor did she know of it.  She said she loved Paddock and thought he had sent her away to break up with her. Danley said Paddock had wired her money to buy a home for her and her family.
The fact that Paddock sent his longtime partner away with enough money to provide for her, tells me he was planning in advance to act alone and without her knowledge.  Le Fevre believes he was very meticulous and acted in a military style manner in planning and carrying out this massacre.  However, he does question how he was able to transport the amazing amount of weapons he had upstairs.  He feels he had to have help from someone.
This is a really good interview, and it helps me to see Paddock in the light I believe is accurate.  His Australian friend appeared to be very honest, and he described Paddock as cold, boastful, and a man, who actually had a “gun room” in his home.
I am rethinking a possible tie to ISIL.  It just makes sense to me that he is a gunrunner with a connection to ISIL.  The authorities are investigating Paddock’s extensive foreign travel to the Middle East.  Law enforcement and family members could not explain what would motivate Paddock to gravitate to the Middle East is such an obsessive way.  
Also, it has been uncovered by CNN that Paddock took 20 cruises to foreign ports, and some of them were foreign ports in the Middle East.  The cruises included stop at ports in Spain, Italy, Greece, Jordan and the United Arab Emirates, according to information provided by law enforcement.  
Switching gears to a very troubling conflict between the owners of the Mandalay Bay Resort and the Las Vegas police.  The Mandalay Bay staff say they had no time to warn police.  Stephen Paddock opened fire on Mandalay Bay hotel security guard Jesus Campos and the crowd attending a concert nearby at the same time or within 40 seconds of each other, MGM Resorts International said in a statement.
This account by MGM Resorts differes from the updated timeline the Las Vegas police provided on Monday, when they said Campos had been shot six minutes before Paddock, 64, opened fire on the crowd from his 32nd-floor suite and killed 58 people on October 1st.  MGM said on Tuesday the revised police timeline might not   be accurate.
MGM’s new timeline is a blow to lawyers representing some of the victims, whose claims depended heavily on the hotel’s allegedly delayed response following the shooting of Campos.  A lawsuit filed in Nevada state court on Tuesday on behald of a California woman injured in the shooting had alleged the hotel acted negligently by responding too late.
In my opinion, if I had been in the concert crowd, I would be suing due to the fact when Jason Aldean left the stage someone should have shouted over the loudspeaker there was a shooter taking aim at the concert goers.  Also, instead of turning the lights on, they should have kept them off.  It was as if by turning the lights on the crowd, someone was telling the shooter exactly where they were.  Which would you have chosen under the circumstances:  to be in the dark, or to be in bright lights within the sight of the shooter?
In conclusion, I have decided to share a video by the ‘End Times News Report.’  It is shocking, and you will have to decide if you believe it or not.  The man who made this video has traveled to Las Vegas to investigate  The name of the video is:  Possible Lead on Source of Guns in Stephen Paddock’s Room – Las Vegas Shooting Investigation Part 7.  I do believe this man, and I have listened to him many times before.
Published on Oct 12, 2017
I spoke to LVMPD tonight about a lead on the source of the guns in Stephen Paddock’s Mandalay Bay room during the Las Vegas Shooting.  They advised me that they cannot take tips and that the investigation is completely under the control of the FBI and that all information must go through the Feds.
The story goes like this.  He was talking to several people near the Mandalay Bay hotel when they told him a homeless man had come up to them offering to sell them guns on the day of the shooting.  He told them that he had gotten them from a white truck with a license plate that said BLOOD 2 on it.  He said it was parked near the hotel, and he had basically stolen them as they were unattended.  As the maker of the video said, “the homeless often steal things.”
He believes that the truck belonged to a mercenary, and possibly this person could have been helping Paddock.  Further he said he does believe the story, and he has asked audience to investigate the license plate.
It is an interesting story, and I have never known this man to lie.  I have always thought him to be a honest and a caring Patriot.

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59 thoughts on “Tortured Soul Stephen Paddock – Numerous Cruises To The Middle East – Gun Room – Severe – Controlling – And Lover Of Prostitutes.”

  1. I haven’t fully made up my mind on what I think happened in Las Vegas yet, but a couple of things here are odd:
    Law enforcement and family members could not explain what would motivate Paddock to gravitate to the Middle East is such an obsessive way.
    There’s a very obvious explanation: Middle Eastern nations don’t share data with the IRS, and they tend to look the other way when someone tries to open an account in a false name.
    He may well have been hiding his money (which very likely did come from money laundering, gun running and/or drug running).
    ISIL is the creation of the CIA and Mossad, so any possible ties to ISIL are likely indirect.
    He told them that he had gotten them from a white truck with a license plate that said BLOOD 2 on it
    Really? How stupid are criminals supposed to be? Use a license plate saying BLOOD 2 (why not go straight for MURDER or GUNRUNNER?) for a truck involved in a crime like that license plate wouldn’t draw a decent cop’s attention?
    That smells of a red herring, much like that strange van on 9/11 that had a mural of a plane hitting the WTC on it. Probably an attempt to distract and draw attention away from the real place of the crime.
    I’m not saying your friend is lying, but a mercenary using BLOOD 2 as a license plate? That seems only slightly more likely than a shop putting a “HEROIN FOR SALE” sign in its window. More likely this is where they want him to look (truck containing planted evidence pointing at whoever is the designated fall guy).

    • Very astute, as usual, Bush. You made very valid and outstanding points. I thought the story odd, but I wanted to share it, as this man is working so hard. You know, this whole thing is like a glass menagerie that stuns and blinds one to the cold hard truth…whatever that ends up to be.

    • A ” middle east” where? WHAT middle east PLACE?
      the TAG must be used for any zionist opp to sign the thing as ISRALIE!!!!
      like you said 911 over and over they are so DUMB that they think it will work again?

      • I know for a fact that a friend’s multimillionaire husband escaped paying their children alimony by hiding his money in Dubai and pretending he couldn’t afford paying – so that would be one place.
        I’m sure Saudi Arabia and Kuwait would work as well, and if you’re on their good side, so would corrupt Israhell (but if you dare say anything good about Palestinians, they will instantly share all your data with the IRS).
        As for them thinking it will work again, I don’t think they have to be dumb for that unfortunately. A lot of people still believe the official 9/11 narrative despite the fact that it’s physically impossible and wouldn’t make much sense even if it were possible.
        And they got away with it again with the 7/7 London bombing, the Boston marathon bombing, the Madrid train bombing, and more.
        They think they can get away with it again because very probably they can. As long as people believe what the Clinton News Network (CNN), News Benefiting Clinton (NBC) and Faux News are telling them, they’re safe.

        • you have to be “invited” to enter the KSA or no visa, they rudely throw you on the next plane out no matter where it is going.
          but the isralies just may have had a useful goyum here again.
          we will only find the reason after it is way to late to catch them silly over and over again.

          • Indeed — but if you have millions to hide there, the banksters will gladly extend an invitation.
            There’s 2 classes of laws – one for normal people and one for THEM.

          • lots more of the normals like a herd when the stampeed starts git out front or under the chuck wagon LOL
            PS: lots of US citizens and gamblers with extra cash buy guns. They usually buy expensive high class long guns or nice stainless steel pistols for resale when they lose at gambling, they are easy to sell quickly rare ones even better.

    • In an old video game my son has called Hitman (I can’t remember which one as he has the whole collection) there is a LV scene where there is a white van or white vehicle with a license plate Blood something on it which changes when you get closer to the vehicle in the game. I think most of this psyop was taken from the Hitman video game by some idiot at the CIA.

  2. Turning on the lights was good and gave no help to a shooter of a mass of people easy to see in any event. The need was for the crowd to get out of there as fast as possible without stampeding 7 trampling people. They needed lights for a safe exit. But no doubt it will cost the festival’s owners legal fees since lawyers will sue.

  3. I thot from search results that this would be a story about how Le Levre told news that Paddock made several trips to Mid East. I still don’t know how many trips & when.

    • Oh, give me a break. Paddock took 20 cruises to various foreign ports. We all know he went to Dubai. He flew to the Philippines twice with La Fevre. The man did not live as a normal human being. He had several homes, but never really lived in either one. He hardly had any furniture, but he paid tribute to guns by giving them their own room. He lived as a high roller and most likely a gun runner on the black market. His father was a psycho who beat him and was on the FBI’s Most Wanted List. I would say what Paddock did was par for the course. And the definitely had a thing for the Middle East. I don’t think the man was a Patriot, do you?

      • Ruby, I have been following your articles and think you are keeping the fires burning so to speak, keeping the story in the forefront, which is good.
        I cant help but notice from some of your comments and writings about the firearms aspects of this story that you are not as well informed as you should be on the subject.
        I have owned a gunshop for years. I am a certified legal witness on the subject of firearms and have been in the “Gun culture” since before Randy Weaver….
        I would be happy to clear up some misgivings you seem to have.
        It might lead you in a new direction as you continue your investigations.

        • Henry, I am getting ready to do a new article….the Bill HR 3999 was introduced today…either yesterday or today….I am going to do a report on it, and then we will go from there…..lets just say it has begun. If this bill were to pass House….so forth and be made into law it will happen just like it did in Australia…should b published by tomorrow morning.

  4. I read the provided link yesterday and concur with 90% of it. With the time line changed 3 times to the most reasonable one last, that is the shootin started about 40 seconds after the security guard got shot makes sense.
    No one man or organization is this incompetent. Also with the Hotels and Paddocks cameras not recordin you KNOW it is BS. It must be a conspiracy.
    So once, the most logical one is deals with Paddock laundering 100 grand a pop, lousing 10 grand and depositing 90 grand into a LEGAL bank account for someone/organization numerous times a year. He undoubtedly was trusted NOT to skip with the amount he was entrusted to launder. If he actually made money consistentaly he would have been banned from the casino.

      • I wouldn’t doubt that this Bump Stock Bill is a Trojan Horse which will be used to greatly curtail the procurement and use of arms by piggy backs.
        The entire NWO agenda is to strip Americans from havin weapons so they can be dealt with as the Bolsheviks dealt with the Orthodox Christians or as Hitler dealt with his “Jewish Problem”.
        Once these Globalist consolidate their power THEY will murder Millions of Americans and Billions around the world, INCLUDING their “Useful Idiots!”

  5. Could WineSwine be just a cover to git this off the news cycle? I have spent the last 3 days in the car and have NOT heard talk radio talk about Vegas even ONCE. Is it squelched like Rich Seth or Podesta’s emails? Podesta’s emails bother me much more than Hollywood actors bein coerced onto the directors couch by a fat Pig of a pervert! Lastly, never forgit Monica Petersen and the Clinton connection to Haiti human trafficking!

      • They will have to take out half a dozen more at least now they got the women all fired up. It will be interesting how they stop the investigation from takin down ALL of Hollywood.

        • Gosh won’t be many producers or directors left at this rate!!!!! Just another media plug that seems to go on and on and on…. I for one would not want to publicly admit I was raped….but these “stars” think nothing of it. Kinda fishy to me…… that they would all now come forth in such numbers. Granted….HW does look like the colossal creep your mother warned you about if you were a young girl to steer clear of….. but this scandal or whatever you want to call it is bordering on the COLOSSAL ruin the entire Hollywood machine!!!! or is it to purge the jewish out of Hollywood? Cant make up my mind over the motive.

          • I doubt it is against Jews or their would be no one left in Hollywood. Perhaps the Chi-Coms are doin it to buy the Movie industry for a penny on da dollar. The Communist make the most ruthless Kapitalist. LOL!

  6. Hmm, muslim brotherhood, religious fanatics, drugs, guns, and money. I’ve heard this one before.
    It’s called Afghanistan, the heroin capital of the world, and it’s been in play since at least the 1980s. It’s where Omar Mateen’s father fought for the mujahadeen.
    So we’re back to Pulse, Orlando and G4S, the government security contractor, that Omar worked for, started by a former member of the See Eye Ay.
    Paddock’s brother, is wearing a tshirt, central florida community arts. A person on the board of directors, just happens to be the crisis management public relations person for Pulse, Sara Brady.
    Sara Brady used to work for a defense contractror, lockheed martin. Didn’t James Comey work for lockheed?
    When Paddock worked for the IRS, was he under contract for lockheed, working in Australia?
    @ 9:00

    • Your video is right….doing new report. Bill HR 3999 just introduced,
      Jesus Campo gag order,
      FBI wiped Paddock’s computers clean.

      • I don’t want to be right, I just don’t like jumping to conclusions, especially when it comes to an investigation of mass murder.
        Anyone who exploits mass murder for political, financial, and/or emotional gain, makes me sick.(not saying you)
        I don’t care what costume someone is wearing, what holy book they’re waving, or sacred science they’re regurgitating.
        The feds have spent a year investigating Trump and “rushen colooshun”, nothing.
        The investigation in LV, after a few hours, tells us he was a crazed gun nut, that was using several guns and fired hundres of rounds from a window, like Lee Harvey Oswald.
        Gimme. A. Break.
        The only thing that is consistent in any of these shootings is…
        The exploitation of mass murder for political, financial, or emotional gain. It’s sick, disgusting, and creepy.
        Hardly a day after, Clinton starts milking and manipulating it, along with her bottom feeding social justice cultists in Hollywood.
        Just. Like. Orlando.
        I don’t know who Paddock was, don’t care. I don’t know if he had ties to ISIS/DAESH, don’t care. I don’t know if he was setup, in a black op, or just playing the role his brother taught him in acting classes at central florida community arts, don’t care.
        I only know and look for, one thing. The exploitation of mass murder.
        That, is even more despicable, then whatever Paddock did, because whithout Paddock, Clinton wouldn’t be able to “wave the bloody shirt”.
        Just. Like. Orlando.
        Waving the Bloody Shirt

        • “The exploitation of mass murder for political, financial, or emotional gain. It’s sick, disgusting, and creepy.
          Hardly a day after, Clinton starts milking and manipulating it, along with her bottom feeding social justice cultists in Hollywood.
          Just. Like. Orlando.
          I don’t know who Paddock was, don’t care. I don’t know if he had ties to ISIS/DAESH, don’t care. I don’t know if he was setup, in a black op, or just playing the role his brother taught him in acting classes at central florida community arts, don’t care.
          I only know and look for, one thing. The exploitation of mass murder.”_____________________
          Exactly….well said, and then enters, BILL HR 3999 – In numerology 3999 equals 3 – completion.

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  8. Do gamblers make a “living” gambling away their assets? Why do hotels give $500/night rooms to people who win at their hotel–send them somewhere else. Too many questions—What time did “he” supposedly check in to the hotel? With cameras everywhere they know the time and the hotel register will tell all as well. No video, no comment on that—it wasn’t him or they’d tell us by now, so something else happened we’re not supposed to know. ISIS in Vegas would make it a ghost town so that theory would be shot down immediatley and probably was thought of years ago


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