NO COP SAFE—Personal Data and a whole lot more leaked for 700,000 Cops

700,000 Law Enforcement Officers Exposed And A WHOLE LOT MORE

Home addresses…cell phone numbers… Just the tip of the massive data iceberg

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The hacked data includes a massive trove of law enforcement documents, most of which dates from 2007 until June 14, 2020, well into the wave of anti-police brutality protests triggered by the police murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis. The data also includes the source code for Netsential’s custom CMS — while analyzing it for this story, I discovered a vulnerability myself — and the content of the databases that these websites used…”

“…In all, the BlueLeaks archive contains more than 16 million rows of data from hundreds of thousands of hacked database tables: not just personal information of officers, but the content of bulk emails and newsletters, descriptions of alleged crimes with geolocation coordinates, internal survey results, website logs, and so much more. It also contains hundreds of thousands of PDFs and Microsoft Office documents, thousands of videos, and millions of images…”



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