No Good Deed Goes Unpunished: Starbucks Pledges to Employ 10,000 Refugees Worldwide, Trump Supporters Call for Boycott

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by Amna El Tawil
While we should help everyone in need, it seems like good deeds can’t go unpunished and, nowadays, trying to do something nice for others, give them hope, is a subject of harsh criticism. The best example is Starbucks.
The coffee giant made major news when outgoing CEO Howard Schultz pledged that the company would look to hire 10,000 refugees in its stores worldwide, including some who have helped the U.S. military, in response to President Donald Trump’s executive order to bar entry of refugees from several predominantly Muslim countries. The statement from Schultz—who also sought to reassure his employees after Trump’s immigration ban—was one of many public statements made by high-profile CEOs. The tech industry has been especially vocal and executives from other industries are just now starting to weigh in.
Unfortunately, Starbucks found itself in a tweetstorm that could have been seen from a mile away. #BoycottStarbucks was the highest trending topic on Twitter. As usually with these divisive topics, a group of Twitter users are pledging to stop supporting Starbucks, while those supportive of the refugee hiring news say they will buy coffee and food from the restaurant chain to support the move.
What’s ironic in all this is that Starbucks pledged to employ refugees WORLDWIDE, not in the US primarily. Even more shocking is the fact that humanity is significantly regressing nowadays when people refuse to help refugees. It makes you wonder who you’d feel when you leave a war-torn country to save your life and everyone else refuses to help.

As mentioned already, people called for boycott

At the same time, others applauded Starbucks’ pledge

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24 thoughts on “No Good Deed Goes Unpunished: Starbucks Pledges to Employ 10,000 Refugees Worldwide, Trump Supporters Call for Boycott

  1. COFFEE grows in the USA , the very best coffee comes from fresh roasted beans , not the old dry beans years old buy fresh roasted. There are lots of places to but green coffee beans then roast them to your taste and enjoy, no need to stand on line or meet in a cramped little box for some pumpkin flavored water.
    Burmans is a great coffee store.

    • You mean Hawaii? Of course they grow Coffee in Mexico but that’s not USA. By the way, Americans know nothing about food or preparation of food items. Lousy wines, lousy coffee, etc.. lousy people.

  2. “Starbucks pledged to employ refugees WORLDWIDE”
    Meaning in all the white, Christian nations of the west. Where all the refugees are headed to. Enough with this madness!

  3. “Even more shocking is the fact that humanity is significantly regressing nowadays when people refuse to help refugees.”
    Is that because people have figured out that there’s no end to this flow of immigrants?
    “when people refuse to help refugees”
    ‘People’ of course only refers to those in the white Christian nations of the west–no one else has been tasked with this burden, you’ll notice.

  4. I have been on board for 2 months. Want real coffee the key is grind them at the time when you want a cup.
    Want good coffee that does not throw USA under the bus but gives enough energon to pick up that bus and is delivered to your door?
    Try Death Wish coffee.
    Having some now. It allows you to do stupid stuff faster.

  5. I stopped going there after Schultz made his comments about non-supporters of homo fornication. They had a brief promotion concerning ‘Let’s Talk About Race’ or some such nonsense. Thinking they need to bring that one back and rename it “BLM Celebration”.

  6. Let them hire them, who cares? They can’t speak English and they can’t even read and write their own language. They wouldn’t be able to count money and certainly won’t adhere to any dress code.
    Go ahead, have a blast. Left wing lunacy is reaching epic proportions…

  7. We all knew Starbucks was not getting so RICH so FAST by being HONEST
    Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz can’t seem to find the love — in anyplace but the Starbucks board of directors. That board last January moved to make Schultz the highest-paid CEO in the Pacific Northwest for the fourth straight year. But Schultz remains deeply despised in Seattle for selling away the city’s pro hoops team after taxpayers refused to build him a new arena. And in San Jose activists are now blasting Starbucks for seeking an exemption from having to pay the city’s $15.78 hourly living wage. Schultz, NerdWallet calculated last month, makes $9,637 an hour, 1,096 times the Starbucks average hourly rate. Looking for a Schultz take on all this? You’ll find one in his 2011 memoir: “I love Starbucks because everything we’ve tried to do is steeped in humanity.”
    And speaking of Starbucks with its eco friendly, etc., coffee, I was speaking to an Ethiopian the other day and he told me that Starbucks, while touting that they are providing economic opportunity to workers, etc. (you’ve heard it all before…), what they are really trying to do is to take over the coffee production and pay the workers a pittance…and they do now! Then they go around talking about how great they are. Since that conversation, I buy Ethiopian coffee on line, and NOT from the white distributors in America, DIRECTLY from Ethiopians!!!
    Starbucks, another wolf in sheep’s clothing!

  8. Holding a Starbucks cup in your hand is the same as holding your thumb & forefinger to your forehead shaped as an “L”.

  9. “While we should help everyone in need?” whats this we shit? i didn’t get any say in these people coming here, so why are you trying to force me to support them??
    If you aren’t personally taking these REFUGEES into your home and supporting them yourself.. STFU!

  10. Wow, all the 5 imbeciles who support Trump. You can see intelligence by the looks and Trump lovers look similar insane than his VP Mike Pence. Religion, racism and being exploited by Judea.

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