If OBAMA Had Not Led The US Down A FAR LEFT Path And FAILED TO ACT Against RADICAL ISLAM, President Trump Would Not Be So Compelled To Take Such SWIFT ACTION NOW.

by Pamela Williams
The appearance of chaos within the Trump Administration at this time is being highly exaggerated by Main Stream Media. In fact, he is moving swiftly to fill the voids left by the Obama Administration. If Obama had not led this Country down a path of destruction by allowing the Far Left to take complete control of what WE THE PEOPLE built, President Trump could be acting in a far more leisurely manner. Unfortunately, he does not have that luxury.
Lets take a walk back in time to the Obama Presidency to refresh our memories of what we dealt with…the horror of losing our beloved United States to the extreme left and to an invasion by those who sought to do us harm. That is exactly what we as Americans have been dealing with.
Remember when Obama said: “I will stand with the Muslims “. It is horrifying that the President of the US actually said this, but he did. Shortly after the Benghazi attack, Barack Obama went to the UN and spoke to the General Assembly, accusing a video of causing it. That was the speech where he said that “the future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.”
His speech seemed to be a clever denunciation of Americans and American law: The First Amendment. After the Orlando attack, the president again denounced Americans and American law: The Second Amendment (the right to bear arms.) The Democrat Party had a sit-in and protested guns not Islam.
Oh, and lets not leave Hillary Clinton out of it, for she played just as important role against Americans as Obama did. Clinton is a woman obsessed with greed and power and a woman with an agenda of dominance over others, especially other countries. The very fact that she could look the families of the deceased in Benghazi in the eye and tell them their beloveds had died because of a video…this says it all about the character of Hillary Clinton. She is guilty of treason, and I pray Rep. Jason Chaffetz can bring her to her knees with his investigation which is currently underway.
However, it is bad news that Obama is currently pushing his way back into the spotlight to criticize President Trump by encouraging the left to riot against the Trump Administration. He is not alone, as Hillary Clinton is also sneaking back on to the scene to encourage the descent into chaos we are currently witnessing. We must not forget what we have experienced under Obama and Clinton, as we go forward. It is not going to be easy to correct all the wrongs, but President Trump is standing up to the test.


In recent weeks, Obama has taken a victory lap of sorts, and in press conferences, interviews, and public addresses he has delusionally bragged about his supposed successes, which his sycophantic media allies have trumpeted as truth.  Obama has promised to stay in DC following Donald Trump’s inauguration in order to use his influence to undermine Trump at every turn, in what some have called a de facto “shadow government,” and the press has promised to be his willing accomplices. It is critical, therefore, that we not allow the truth to be obscured, or Trump to be blamed for Obama’s failures (though we’re sure former President George W. Bush would be glad for the reprieve in taking the blame). In that light, let us recollect on the reality of the failed Obama years.
Obama’s unilateral and political retreat from Iraq, against the recommendation of his military advisers, led to the rise of the Islamic State, the most brutal terrorist organization the world has ever seen (which Obama initially called the “JV team” before it conquered large areas of the Middle East). Though not a threat to the U.S., Obama launched a war against Libya, which led to Moammar Gadhafi’s death and the sinking of the country into bloodshed and chaos. Four Americans were killed by terrorists at the Benghazi consulate, and their blood is on the hands of Obama and Hillary Clinton.

So we see what Trump has against him left over by the Obama Administration.  What does he have up against at this time from the EXTREME LEFT?
1.  Lawyers mobilized over the weekend after President Donald Trump announced Friday that refugees couldn’t enter the U.S.
2.  More than 4,000 lawyers had signed up to volunteer legal services across the country by Sunday in response to the Trump.
3.  .As lawyers around the country responded this weekend to President Donald Trump’s executive order barring entry to citizens.
As you can see, in the legal realm, they are gearing up against President Trump’s efforts in securing the United States for WE THE PEOPLE.

Now, lets look at someone who is on Trump’s side, who is a powerful force to be reckoned with:  STEVE BANNON.
Donald Trump’s controversial senior adviser Steve Bannon will have a permanent seat at White House National Security Council (NSC) meetings, solidifying his role as one of the most powerful members of the president’s inner circle. What do we know about Steve Bannon. I know that he and I have a common belief, and it is very controversial. I did not know until I was researching this report of this common belief. I will get to that later after we learn a little bit about Bannon.
In an executive memorandum signed on Saturday, Trump elevated Bannon, while downgrading the status of the Director of National Intelligence and the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff on the security council’s principals committee. The DNI and Joint Chiefs chairman now will only be present at meetings “where issues pertaining to their responsibilities and expertise are to be discussed,” the memorandum said. No doubt President Trump is making some radical changes, but I have no questions about what he is doing. He knows exactly what he is doing, and he has a worldly and, in my opinion, a genius in Steve Bannon.
Sean Spicer has this to say about Bannon:
White House spokesman Sean Spicer said in an interview Sunday with ABC television that Bannon was part of “an unbelievable group of folks that are part of the NSC.” “The president gets plenty of information from the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and gets briefed and what they’ve done is modernize the National Security Council, so it’s less bureaucratic and more focused on providing the president with the intelligence he needs,” Spicer said, explaining the shuffle.Bannon, “is a former naval officer with a tremendous understanding of the world and the geopolitical landscape we have now,” he said. Spicer added: “Having the chief strategist for the president in those meetings who has a significant military background to help make, guide what the president’s final analysis will be, is crucial.”
Bannon had a blue-collar upbringing, but that did not stop him from exploring the elite world around him. He succeeded in every endeavor he took. He began his career as a Goldman Sachs banker, then became a producer in Hollywood before taking over the Breitbart News platform. Bannon is currently on leave from Breitbart while working for Trump. Bannon knows the intricate facets of the world around him from the military, to the world of banking, and the world of Hollywood. The fact that he can pick and choose what he wants to do is an aspect of freedom that most of us do not have. He has developed the freedom to participate in what he truly believes in, as he is not forced to work to make a living. When one has achieved that type of status, one is ready to take on the mission of saving what one loves. Steve Bannon loves America, and he plans to save this Country from the extreme Left and from extreme radical Islam.
Steve Bannon and I share a similar belief about what WE THE PEOPLE of the US are facing; however, this belief is one that I have spoken of but have been attacked for. Nevertheless, I stand by my belief that the US, but not the US alone, is currently facing a Holy War between Christianity and Islam. Although, many of you are going to attack me again, I will continue to believe what I am now saying. I believe that Steve Bannon has had access to the world around him in such a way that his observations are to be trusted…not only by President Trump but by the American people.

In remarks to a 2014 conference at the Vatican, Bannon warned his Christian audience, “We’re at the very beginning stages of a very brutal and bloody conflict.”

“We are in an outright war against jihadists, Islam, Islamic fascism,” Bannon continued. He likewise condemned “the immense secularization of the West” and the increasing secularism among millennials.
Bannon stressed that “the people in this room, and the people in the Church” must “bind together and really form what I feel is an aspect of the Church militant, to really be able to not just stand with our beliefs but to fight for our beliefs against this new barbarity that’s starting that will literally eradicate everything that we’ve been bequeathed over the last 2,000 and 2,500 years.”
In his speech, Bannon articulated a view of the world as a constant conflict between the capitalist “Judeo-Christian West,” which is a benevolent force of “enlightenment,” and the malevolent forces of socialism, atheism, and Islam.


Published on Nov 17, 2016
The left and the Establishment/NWO/Globalists are losing the minds over Trumps decision to place Steve Bannon of Breitbart as his number two guy. The MSM and liberal left are doing everything they can to discredit him, because they know he is completely awake and sees right through them. This shows that Trump is a “Truther” and values people like Bannon. Listen to what Bannon says in the 3rd Clip. He is prophetic in his understanding of how the country is changing! Truly inspiring!
Judicial Watch is one of the most credible organizations in the US when it comes to exposing corruption. They single handedly forced the FBI to investigate Hillary’s email scandal through nonstop FOIA requests. It turns out that Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch, helped Steve Bannon with the production of his movie “District Of Corruption” in 2012 and worked closely with Bannon for many months. He completely refutes the liberal smear of Bannon and says that Trump clearly knew Bannon could help him “Drain The Swamp”. The MSM and democrats are freaking out because they have lost all credibility. It’s no wonder that Hillary said she were shut places like Breitbart down if she became president. Alternative media has become the major threat to the globalist agenda and Trump is now the mouthpiece for Wikileaks and alternative media.

In conclusion:  President Trump has so much working against him right now.  Mainstream Media only cares about the trouble it can stir up for Conservatives and those who support the Trump Presidency.  I pray that the majority of those in this Country who have been so frustrated and horrified by Obama, Clinton, and the destruction of the United States, have the courage and what it takes to stand strong with our new leaders.  It will be no easy task, because the Extreme Left and those who seek to destroy America are loving every riot, every terrorist attack, and every bit of chaos that they can lend to hurt WE THE PEOPLE.
Whether you are a Christian or someone who seeks to support this Country in this new dawn that has come upon us…this new awakening to the truth that has been kept behind a curtain of deceit and crime within the Obama regime, YOU ARE NEEDED TO FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT NOW.  Do not be afraid to trust again.  If you voted for President Trump, follow through with your support.  Know that he is putting together a Team of those who are aware of the facts that WE THE PEOPLE have been speaking of since the oppression of the past years.  You now have a voice.  Don’t doubt or give up now.  Stay the path.