Racism is when the black unemployment rate is DOUBLE the national average but you give jobs to foreigners.

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ELI5: How can Starbucks give preference to hiring Syrian Muslims when the Equal Employment Opportunity Act of 1972 states there must be no preference based upon that employee’s (or applicant’s) race, color, religion, sex, or national origin?
Colorado State Rep introduces bill that allows victims of Illegal Immigrant crime to sue the mayor of the city that the crime happened in.

A Colorado state representative announced a bill Monday that would allow victims of certain crimes committed by illegal immigrants to sue state and local politicians who defy federal immigration authorities seeking to enforce the law, multiple news outlets are reporting.
Republican state Rep. Dave Williams, who is Hispanic, said he wants to strip the “immunity” from Democratic politicians who “place Coloradans in danger because of the sanctuary city policies that they created and continue to implement,” the Denver Post reported.



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5 thoughts on “Racism is when the black unemployment rate is DOUBLE the national average but you give jobs to foreigners.

  1. How can this be true with every black US citizen and lots of aliens here working in US GOVERNMENT good paying ,great benefit JOBS?
    Black unemployment @ 9% same number of black Citizens less than 9%.
    WHITE UNEMPLOYMENT @ 30% but thats OK NO WAY!

  2. Did anyone expect the government to stand with the black community?
    The civil rights legislation created an avenue whereby the black families were separated into ‘public housing’, kept in their own community. They made their children into an increase in welfare payments, so long as there was no father in the household. And they made it acceptable to abort their children for free, to control the population. If a child shows some promise and intelligence, it is removed from the community by use of federal grants for college, thus intelligent people never transfer that intelligence among the community. Sports also. Keeping them out of the workforce by offering them access to civil rights suits if a potential employer hires them for job they can’t do.
    We created this entire problem by stripping the black community if the most important element known to mankind, PRIDE!

  3. Yeah, thats Racism, and the weird leftis dont see it, do they, and where the f….. is Black life Matters, huh, in the pub.
    This, is like Norway an willed policy, never think anything else, we have an so called “right winged” gov. that is an flat out lie, immigrants flow into our land, given everything, feeding upon our system, where the Leftis have made it impossible to talk about anything, and the MSM pimps the same.
    In Norway as Sweden, the censure is total, nothing is allowed, no critics allowed since you then is automatically an racists or an Nazi or something like that, but they like to project them self as something they are not, for the people of Norway, hehe, they are so brainwashed its an metric on them self, the level of stupidity is breath taking, only beaten to pulp by hypocrisy and lies an mass.
    Our tolerance, and society is been spitted upon by masses of intolerant scums, I dont name them Muslims, since they arent Muslims but Arabic and North African people, and a lot of them Sub-Saharan, aka “Africans” black.
    Your country own people must have priority, the refuges is here for an reason, and this reason is where we have THE problem.
    Remove that reason and send them all back, every one of them, just trow them out if they refuse.
    WE want our nations back.

  4. ” Black Unemployment Rate: 9.2%, More Than Double White Unemployment of 4.4%”
    These are the ‘old’ skewed numbers of the previous administration. Soon, the actual unemployment numbers will be coming out.

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