Priest Wants Anti-Trump Protesters to Commit Suicide

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by Amna El Tawil
Priests should spread peace, love, forgiveness, and tolerance, but it seems like the pastor of a mainly immigrant Catholic church has a suggestion for all those who are protesting Trump – to kill themselves. He says that protesters should commit suicide by taking a “flying leap off the nearest building”.
“Show your hate for Trump. Do it for social justice. #JumpAgainstTrump,” read a message posted by Father Philip Pizzo, just hours after he celebrated the Sunday Mass, the New York Post reported. The message included an illustration of a man plummeting from a skyscraper.
After his little suggestion went viral, Pizzo said: “I do not promote suicide. I’ve helped many people over the years, and it does not promote suicide. It was funny.”

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(Photo credit: New York Post)
However, most parishioners were outraged.
“Suicide is not funny, plain and simple,” said Carlos Coburn, a congregant who once sought counselling from Pizzo because he was struggling with thoughts about killing himself.
Another parishioner, Alex Leston, said he was appalled by the post. “Father Pizzo normally posts about supporting Trump, but this was just taking it too far.”
The conservative priest, who oversees St. Benedict Joseph Labre Roman Catholic Church in Richmond Hill, previously posted a photo of former President Barack Obama with the words “He’s not my President” and another snapshot of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton titled “Ugly Face”.

7 thoughts on “Priest Wants Anti-Trump Protesters to Commit Suicide

  1. Well, it makes a refreshing change from all the hideous disgusting remarks & threats that’s been made by the Soros backed &paid for Pro-Demonrats against President Trump, to take his life & the violence that’s been shown toward Trump-Supporters.
    Like the Remainers (i.e. Remoaners) over here (UK) (these are the folks who didn’t win in our EU Referendum last June who wanted to keep us under subjugation& chains to the foreign,undemocratic dikat bureaucratic regime) Everyone’s sick of their constant whinging & tantrums. What cry-babies. Since they have said such disgusting things, perhaps the moaning minnies both sides of the Atlantic would do us all a favour if they did follow the priest’s advice.

    • Hear! Hear! We’re speakin the same language from both sides of the pond. I’m in the more or less communist area of Northwest Washington/Southeast BC in the lower mainland around Vancouver where supporters of HITLARY have frequent delusions of extreme grandeur when doing things like dousing our large Trump signs with gasoline and torching them repeatedly, and by closing ranks across an entire rural community against myself and the handful of other diehard pro Trumpers in otherwise open defiance of people here who are even to the far left of Bernie, yet at least SOME percentage of THEM redeem themselves by grudgingly, and very PRIVATELY actually voting for Trump due to the overlap that does exist on some issues such as TRADE. I send greetings from Point Roberts, Washington, an American exclave, physically attached to the south side of a Canadian peninsula that extends just south of the 49th parallel to (strangely) CUT OFF 5 square miles of AMERICA so to live here is to truly live simultaneously in BOTH countries.
      (Point Roberts is a place so quiet you can hear a pin drop and theres not much light at all from streetlights with the only exception being our main drag which becomes 56th St in Tsawwassen British Columbia, where there are far more businesses including restaurants, pubs, shopping malls, movie theaters, recreational facilities, etc than we have here in tiny little :Point Roberts where we only have 1200 year round people. In summer our pop swells to around 8000 in August when the largest number of “summer people” are at their cottages which only a few use year round.
      As true “Sons of the Whiskey Rebellion” we flip the bird to both ‘merica AND KKKANADA and we vow to start our OWN COUNTRY, the next MONACO albeit done a bit more mellowly in the truest spirit of the laid back Pacific NW where you’ve EARNED your Spring sunshine if you’ve survived a few winters of near solid rain and gloom – its like part of Scotland climatically but with a much wider range of climates being that you could fit several scotlands inside BC- much of it being vast wilderness such as we have in Alaska.

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