No Silver Shortage Seen By This Veteran Dealer

by Adam Taggart

I reached out to Robert Mish of Mish International for his opinion. Robert has been a gold dealer for over 50 years, and is a valued “boots on the ground” source for us on the retail bullion market.

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Here’s what he has to say:

SIlver is not in shortage, only certain products get temporariy short for reasons of production gaps, or coincidence of what any particular dealer has and doesn’t have from buy backs and from what he chose to mint order lately or not.
We have plenty of silver…but not “every” product.
Premiums are low-middle, not distressed.
Our best sellers right now are
1.  old odd weight silver bars, especially smaller ones.
2.  10 oz bars
3.  Nikola Tesla silver 1 oz coins
No big players have approached us in months for 6 or 7 figure silver deals.

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