‘No surprises’: Members of Chinese military were on Wuhan lab oversight committee

Sky News host Alan Jones says “what was a conspiracy to damage Trump is now the truth” following reports Chinese military members were enlisted on the oversight committee for the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

“This Wuhan stuff gets worse,” Mr Jones said.

“Not that there are any surprises, but we now learn that the laboratory at the centre of the coronavirus leak had listed members of the Chinese military on its oversight committee and allegedly included international scientists without their knowledge.”

Mr Jones pointed to news of a book titled ‘The Infinite Error: The Secret Story of a Pandemic That Should Have Been Avoided’, authored by Fabrizio Gatti.

“He’s saying that the Wuhan Institute of Virology deleted all the names of the Chinese military officials and the international scientists as well after the author contacted the scientists to ask about their roles,” Mr Jones said.

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“Fabrizio Gatti asserts that the ‘Chinese Army is involved in this huge catastrophe’.

“Didn’t the Trump Administration say the lab was being used for military experiments? Didn’t the Trump Administration say that the coronavirus came from the laboratory?

“And didn’t the Trump-haters argue that these were conspiracy theories?

“It seems that what was a conspiracy to damage Trump is not the truth; I bet you’re not surprised.”




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