Novichok Could Only Come From Russia,Or Anyone Who Bought This $8 Book On Amazon

So the recipe for making the dread nerve agent “Novichok” is contained in this $8.16 book at Amazon published in 2008. Here is the recipe, just in case maybe YOU have a aging spy now worthless after many years of use by the UK for propaganda:

Theresa May claims that the “novichok” formula is a deep secret, known only to the Russians. Mirzanayov was interviewed by AFP about the Skripal case and this is what he said:

“Only the Russians” developed this class of nerve agents, said the chemist. “They kept it and are still keeping it in secrecy.”

Exactly what May said in Parliament. Great. Just one problem. Mirzayanov neglected to mention that this “secret formula” known only to “the Russians” had been published in 2008 in his own book – still available on Amazon today.…hok-story/

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Our leaders in the US and UK have a very low opinion of the public. They think they can lie constantly even when it is simple to find out they are lying. They lie for an agenda, in most cases to push war. We saw it in the lead up to Iraq, to Syria, in fact even back to Vietnam where it is now known the North Vietnamese never responded our attack on them at the Gulf of Tonkin. Perhaps they know they can get away with anything, that the public only cares about their little personal lives, money, family, job.


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