Now into 4th week of daycares and most businesses being closed in PA with no relief in sight.

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by beerdlaw

Sorry guys/gals, this is just a post to vent. Playing by the rules and relying on politicians apparently never pays off. I run a solo law firm which has been effectively shut down for almost 4 weeks now and while I have been operating for a couple years with modest success, my business depends on being “open.” For instance, I have had approximately 2 new clients since this started where I normally average 5+ per week and I only expect these numbers to get worse.

I have 3 kids and my wife is “essential” so with daycares being closed, I am the only option for childcare. I’m not complaining about that part because I obviously love them and people everywhere have it much worse off.

I am here, however, to point out this monumental failure by our political leaders. When this happened, I told my wife, “don’t worry, the gov will do something to help people like us… they can’t just shut down businesses and expect people to just continue on without help.” Well, that’s actually exactly what is happening and there seems to be no end in sight.

We’ve done our best to get bills pushed but that has only worked for some. I applied as soon as possible for the SBA loan(s), the EIDL, and the PPP and everyone knows how well these have been administered. Further, the “expanded UC” benefits in PA are in a “check back for updates” sort of mode for now.

So for now, I am keeping my family healthy, trying not to commit legal malpractice, and planning for the reality of probably filing BK if these restrictions continue and our “leaders” continue to ignore small businesses. I personally will never forget these people who have failed us.



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