Now it’s getting serious- Liquor shortages for Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays

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This is equally a left and right issue. other things we can cut back on but this country has to have their booze. Lol

Liquor shortages put a damper on upcoming Thanksgiving, Christmas holidays

Liquor purveyors from across the U.S. are warning customers that their favorite spirits might not be readily available as the Thanksgiving holiday hits, pointing to several supply chain issues causing the empty spaces on shelves that might not be filled in the near future.

“With the holidays around the corner and inventory levels low in some cases, customers should be on the lookout now if they have a very specific bottle of spirits in mind,” Hawkins added.

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“You have shipping problems, you have glass shortages, you have the aging requirements that need to be met – dealing with all of those things at once,” Lansing, Michigan, Booze Barn manager Daniel Mitchell told WILX-TV.


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